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Southeast Asia PR Campaign of the Year

Campaign Title

Star Wars at Changi

Changi Airport Group (Singapore)


For the Star Wars at Changi event, Changi Airport built two life-sized replicas of the X-Wing fighter and TIE fighter in the terminal buildings - a first in Singapore. For the launch event, Changi Airport and All Nippon Airways brought in the special R2-D2 ANA jet bearing the Star Wars livery to Singapore for 3 days. Attracting more than 2,000 excited attendees in Singapore and the region, the launch event saw the unveiling of the star fighters and a battalion of storm troopers and X-Wing fighter pilots. The event was immensely popular among global Star Wars fans, gathering more than 220 pieces of print, online and broadcast coverage around the world, amounting to S$1.05 million in PR value. Changi Airport's social media posts reached 6.25 million people and received 548,000 engagements organically. A total of 18,000 official photos were taken at the X-Wing Fighter, with 15,700 user generated tweets and 3,400 Instagram posts about #StarWarsatChangi. The event also attracted 1.2 million visitors to view, photograph and participate in various activities at the sites. As an added bonus, the displays even got a mention on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on 17 November 2015.


Campaign Title

Crossing Cultural Borders: Promoting Korean Halal Foods In Indonesia

aT(Korea Agro-Fisheries&Food Trade Corporation)

Prain Global

What a person takes for granted in one country may be a rarity in another country. This is what Korea Agro-Fisheries Trade Corporation experienced when it prepared to actively promote Korean-produced foods (K-foods) for the first time in Indonesia.


A survey of Muslims living in Korea t that highlighting that a food was halal-certified would not make any sense nor bear any meaning for Indonesian Muslims. Instead, targeting individuals who are receptive to new trends and concentrating on those who are technologically literate would reach and pique the interests of a larger audience. The research also found that local Indonesians are emotional and enjoy watching touching TV dramas. So, the campaign developed, launched and implemented an omni-channel marketing plan that used online and mobile campaign channels and a series of web drama and video clips showing Korean recipes.  Recognition and awareness of K-foods increased from 56 to 68 percent. Among those who knew that Korea produces halal foods, the percentage of people who expressed positive intention of purchasing K-foods rose from 48 to 62.

Campaign Title

December Baby

Jetstar Asia

AKA Asia

Corporate birthdays are a notoriously hard sell. Jetstar Asia wanted to develop a birthday campaign to celebrate its 11th year in Singapore. Jetstar’s birthday falls in December. It’s difficult to stand out at Christmas. There’s one specific group of individuals that know this all too well – December Babies. Those people unlucky enough to be born in December who find their birthdays overshadowed by the holidays.


The campaign was launched in Singapore with a mockumentary video featuring December Babies sharing sad Christmas tales. This tongue-in-cheek video launched a competition asking December Babies to share their own story with the hashtag #JetstarDecemberBaby to win the ultimate birthday present this Christmas.


Eleven winners received a Christmas birthday mash-up song and surprised our winners with glittering birthday banners, a giant orange present filled with balloons and two Jetstar flights to be used anywhere, anytime.


The December babies’ surprised reactions were captured on film and over 1.1 million people watched the festive campaign video.



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