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Sports Campaign of the Year

Campaign Title

Game, Set, Match Heineken Open Play!

DB Breweries

Spark PR & Activate

New Zealand’s youth needed convincing that Auckland’s Heineken-sponsored tennis tournament had more to offer than tennis whites and quiet courts. Audience analysis Research with our audience (males 25-29) confirmed a healthy dose of entertainment at the tournament was needed.

To make it as much about the off-court entertainment as the on-court action, the team got Kiwi men to ‘Play beyond the Court’ – taking the entertainment essence of the Heineken Open and dramatising it in a way that meant something to the lives our target. This was achieved by creating a series of world-class brand experiences that captured the attention of our nationwide audience outside the confines of the courts. To gain our audience’s buy-in and trust, they had to hear about our activity via outlets where they already engaged.
Introducing ‘Heineken Open Play’, an eight-week celebration (December 2013 – January 2014) of tennis, music and entertainment to mark Heineken’s 15th year sponsoring the Open. During December, a giant swing-ball competition was hosted in CBDs in Auckland and Wellington, offering spot prizes; ‘Be a Commentator’ Green Room audition spaces popped up in Auckland bars, and we held a Double Mates tournament, with mates battling it out a the chance to play on centre court during the 2014 tournament week. Finally, The Heineken Open Play Rooftop Apartment was created, giving two lucky winners the ultimate social currency for summer. Two mates had the chance to live in the apartment during tournament week.

To drive hype throughout the campaign, the team turned to radio, partnering with George FM – an urban, undeniably ‘cool’ station, with a large following within our target and strong social presence. The popular ‘Drive Time’ show amplified each experience, as well as broadcasting live from the activations in December and from the apartment in January. Other key channels included guerrilla-feel street posters, coupled with a few select outdoor sites to advertise the event. All media drove to the Heineken Live website, which captured data and included content about the experiences, offering end-to-end campaign connectivity.
As a result, Heineken NZ’s database grew from 13,000 to over 27,000 (+107 per cent), plus 18,862 competition entries. Facebook fans grew by 9 per cent, from 22,000 to 24,000 and Heineken Open ticket sales increased by 15 per cent YOY.

Campaign Title

The Samsung SlideLiner


Edelman Australia and Traffik

Emotional investment from consumers in the TV category is at an all-time low. They’re more interested in the things they’re watching on the TV – such as live sports – than the technology in the TV itself. To get Australians to take notice of Samsung’s game-changing curved TV technology, the team used Samsung’s sponsorship of the Australian rugby team to create the ultimate in-stadium experience.

The creative solution was the Samsung SlideLiner - a four-person couch that moves up and down the sideline at Wallabies games. By staying in line with the play, the SlideLiner remained in view of television cameras and audiences around the world and provided the best seat in the house, bar none. To win a chance at a seat, fans had to buy a new Curved UHDTV.

The team launched it with a big bang, across every relevant media category, working closely with the print, online and social media journalists at News Corp to break the exclusive. In the following days marketing press ran the TVC alongside sports blogs and websites across Australia. Other highlights included experiential fan days in high traffic locations in Sydney, inviting media to attend and meet not only Wallabies, but other Samsung ambassadors such as James Magnussen.

As a result, half of total Curved UHDTV sales for the year was generated during the promotions period. The campaign achieved international headlines in major media outlets including BBC, Guardian, ESPN, Sports Illustrated and Eurosport.

Campaign Title

"Believe" Campaign

Australian Paralympic Committee

Hill+Knowlton Strategies Australia

The challenge that the Australian Paralympic Committee (APC) faced ahead of the 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro is that more than half of the country thinks the organisation is fully funded by the government. How do you get the public to open their wallets and start supporting the cause?

While the team does receive some funding, it doesn’t stretch far enough and many of the athletes who qualify aren’t able to compete in the games.

The goal was simple: secure the much-needed support from the Australian public, raise one-half of the target of $200,000 in the lead-up to the games and enable the APC to put all Aussie athletes on the plane to Rio.

The “Believe” campaign asked to people ‘Pledge their Belief’ and support an individual athlete and their journey towards the next games. The website www.pledgeyourbelief.org.au offered an inbuilt donation facility to support the campaign launch, and was fronted by six of our best-known Paralympic athletes - including Kurt Fearnley, Ahmed Kelly and Victoria Pendergast – all of whom underwent a high-end stylised photoshoot that presented their struggle in a compelling way.

Given the objective was to increase donations to the APC via widespread publicity of the campaign, we ended up securing more than 50 pieces of media coverage, with some of the highlights including The Project, TODAY Show, the front cover of mX, ABC radio, The Australian, the AFR and Cosmopolitan.

The campaign hashtag #pledgeyourbelief was also trending on Twitter in Australia on the day of launch. The APC received more than $30,000 in public donations during the first 30 days of the campaign.