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Technology Campaign of the Year

Campaign Title

Orchestrate Amazing - The Launch of Microsoft Azure Data Centres in Australia

Microsoft Australia

Ogilvy Public Relations

The Microsoft Azure data centre received so much coverage before its local launch date that the Australian occasion needed something that would cut through and be uniquely local and new. The communications team and its agency (who have asked not to be named) were tasked with driving awareness among IT decision-makers and developers from large- and SMBs that Microsoft’s data centres were open for business in Australia. The team was also to use the chance to build a narrative around the brand’s broader cloud services and its relevance to enabling organisations both big and small.

With a budget of $500,000, the team created ‘Orchestrate Amazing’, a complex application which turned real data flows from Australian businesses using Azure services into audio visual sound waves to demonstrate ‘a day in the life’ of local organisations. An extension of this was the Sound of Azure platform, where at launch people could visit www.soundofazure.com and have the data from their social media profiles analysed to create their own unique sounds. The campaign was rolled out over a series of events including the Australian Partner Conference and TechEd Sydney. It was then amplified and perpetuated by the use and sharing of the platform by customers.

By generating 7 million impressions (far beyond the targeted 1.5 million) via 81 press articles, the campaign drove 11,141 trials of Microsoft Azure in the first six months and has resulted in 3,919 leads for the company.

Campaign Title

Life after deaf: Redefining hearing with ReSound LiNX MFI

GN ReSound

One Plus One Communications

With over 300 types and models of hearing aids available in New Zealand alone, the market was fiercely cluttered. A key objective for GN ReSound was to encourage clinicians to recommend the ReSound LiNX device to target customers (tech-savvy people in their 50-60s) over competitors. The goal of the campaign therefore was to showcase the product benefits of the device that set it apart from competitors, personalising it in a way that resonates with the target audience.

Central to the PR campaign were product ambassadors NZ music legend and former member of iconic bands Split Enz and Citizen band, Mike Chunn, and Todd Hunter, founding member and bass guitarist of celebrated rock band, Dragon. The two were featured in film vignettes, created in partnership with Augusto with the aim of getting screened in audiology clinics. It featured poignant camera interviews with Todd and Mike speaking openly about their experiences with hearing loss resulting from their years in the music industry; and the profound impact the device had on their lives by reversing its effects. The campaign also included personalised product promotion and producing content for specialised clinicians. To incorporate the device’s capability, the campaign also used hearing-impaired musicians to tell its story and featured apps that allowed users to switch between programmes, change the volume with ease.

The launch of ReSound LiNX has resulted in a marked increase in the uptake of ReSound products at the top level, surpassing expectations prior to launch. Following a survey commissioned by GN ReSound (based on a sample size of 250 clinicians representing a total pool of 1,850 clinicians across Australasia), 100 per cent of clinicians had heard of ReSound LiNX, 90 per cent of clinicians considered fitting it and 87 per cent of clinicians have fitted it to their patients and would consider fitting again.