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Technology Campaign of the Year

Campaign Title

Hitting Headlines to Improve Cyber Security



In Asia, many of the region’s CEOs have never given cybersecurity a second thought. It’s not that breaches weren’t routine occurrences across Asia (in fact, they were); rather, security in most organizations was so poor that breaches were rarely discovered. To change this, FireEye embarked on a nine-month communications campaign. FireEye tapped into its cyber intelligence assets to shed light on a decade-long, state-sponsored cyber espionage on targets holding key political, economic, and military information about Southeast Asia and South Asia. The campaign increased sales, prompted Asian governments and firms to improve their security operations, and disrupted a 10-year-old hacking operation.


Campaign Title

KFit Stretches into APAC with Fitness Sharing Model



While fitness club memberships in the U.S. stand at 16 percent of the population, less than 4 percent in APAC have a membership. KFit offered a platform to generate business opportunities for fitness companies, attract new customers and improve facility utilization. The team created a 360-degree stakeholder communications campaign to kick off the launch of the KFit app in May 2015. The results were impressive, with KFit expanding into ten cities in only seven months instead of the originally-planned 12 months. KFit also raised some US$15 million in capital from top-tier venture capitalists and investors, At the same time, it recorded a five-fold surge in club partners to 5,000.



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