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Technology Campaign of the Year

Campaign Title

Sing Your Unsent Messages

Huawei Device (HK) Co. Ltd.

Ogilvy Public Relations

 Hong Kong people suffocate under a combination of hectic lifestyles and high expectations from the people around them. These everyday pressures increasingly push people to be inwardly-focused, keeping their thoughts to themselves, instead of opening up and finding time to communicate with those who matter most to them.

Huawei Mobile launched the campaign ‘Sing your unsent messages’ in 2016, partnered with popular local band Supper Moment and various busking bands to encourage Hong Kong people to reconnect with their loved ones through Huawei’s technologies. Ogilvy created a series of reality videos, and hosted a mini-concert on Thanksgiving Day, helping Hong Kong people to surprise their loved ones through music, and express what they hadn’t had the chance to share.

The campaign accumulated over 1.7 million video views and reached over 3 million users across all digital channels. Engagement was successful with over 26,000 reactions and more than 3,600 shares in total. 99 percent of comments about the campaign were highly positive. Compared to 2015, Huawei recorded a 26 percent increase in its overall brand awareness score; it almost doubled its score of being seen as ‘trustworthy’ and ‘fashionable or stylish’.

The Huawei MediaPad M3 launched alongside the campaign ranked No 1 as the best-selling LTE Tablet for three consecutive months, outperformed the brand that ranked second by 100 percent.

Campaign Title

Panasonic Eclipse Live by Solar Power


Golin Singapore

 Panasonic’s goal is to deliver sustainable energy solutions through its Solar Power Supply Container to off-grid locations around the world, particularly the islands across Southeast Asia where there is no grid electricity. However, solar solutions have nascent B2B and B2G target markets with niche business opportunities, due to a general lack of awareness about the possibilities of solar energy.

To showcase its solar energy solutions, Panasonic leveraged a total eclipse of the sun on 9 March 2016 by doing a live-stream from an off-grid location in Ternate Island, Indonesia, using only solar energy from Panasonic’s Solar Power Supply Container. The total eclipse was only visible from a narrow 125km-wide band in Southeast Asia.

The Panasonic Solar Power Supply Container was first transported to Ternate Island to provide energy to support filming, editing and live-broadcasting of the solar eclipse. Panasonic had also partnered with Telekom Indonesia to set up a dedicated broadband hub to facilitate the live-stream, and engaged astronomy videographer Tadahiko Tani to shoot the phenomenon with Panasonic Lumix GH4 cameras. Former MTV VJ, Richard Harrera hosted the live-streaming event, which was made available on the Panasonic Eclipse Live by Solar Power microsite, and amplified across Ustream, YouTube Live, Periscope, Facebook and Twitter.

Excitement was created among the target audience and media through creative invites, teaser videos and engaging social content.

The live broadcast reached over 7 million people from 134 countries, with more than 1,000 media stories mentioning the Panasonic solar container globally and 4.89 million social media impressions.

Campaign Title

Prudential - Let's Disconnect to Connect

Prudential Singapore

Ruder Finn Asia

 Social media and digital technology have brought people closer yet, at the same time, further away from each other. The 2016 Prudential Relationship Index report, which provides a snapshot of the health of relationships in Singapore, showed people spending too much time on the computer or mobile devices can be a real threat to personal relationships. One person in three sees technology as a deep barrier to conversations; people are often so distracted by phones and emails that they fail to be present in the company of family and friends.

Building on an ongoing programme to help strengthen relationships in Singapore, which has one of the highest smartphone penetrations in the world, Prudential Singapore embarked on a three-month campaign, ‘Let’s disconnect to reconnect’, to get people to disconnect from technology and reconnect with their family, friends and colleagues. The campaign targeted anyone who owns a mobile phone—essentially the entire population. In partnership with an 82-outlet coffee chain, it involved four elements: the production of branded phone holders in which people to could leave their phones while at an outlet; a social experiment video using GoPros and long-lens cameras to capture different reactions of those with and without phones; a 10-day activation at several outlets; and the posting of a post-activation video to show the experiment and the results.

The social experiment video had 1.2 million views on Facebook (957,000 views) and YouTube (245,000), 3,800 likes/reactions on Facebook, and 2,419 viewers shared the videos. The post-activation video was released on 24 January 2017 to coincide with Lunar New Year celebrations. Over five days, it garnered 250,000 Facebook and YouTube views, more than 800 Facebook likes/reactions, and over 300 shares.

Campaign Title

Nokia Smartphones Nice to Meet You Again

HMD Global

Utop Communications

 In December, HMD Global received 10-year brand licensing from Nokia and announced that it would roll out new Nokia-branded smartphones in 2017 to the world. Little did the outside world know that Nokia 6, the first Nokia smartphone on Android, would be released just one month after HMD started operations and the product would debut exclusively in the China market. The tech world and fans have been waiting for this moment for many years, but they are also very sceptical whether Nokia can ever win back its glory. Nokia phones had been absent from the Chinese market for several years, resulting in a disconnect between the brand and a new generation of Chinese consumers. What’s more, China is the most competitive smartphone markets—many in China doubt whether Nokia phones can be successful again.

The campaign of the century turned ‘destined to fail’ to an ‘unexpected success’. This clever campaign relied solely on PR and Digital, and focused on fuelling consumers’ renewed passion for the Nokia phones. It utilised a communication-without-boundaries strategy to engage with young fans and adapted a two-way communication strategy.

This campaign shifted media perception entirely. The clear message across all platforms became, “The Nokia 6 is an unexpected success.” Total impressions reached 4 billion with over 4,500 coverage pieces across TV, print, online and We Media with 60 percent negative voice changing to 90 percent neutral-to-positive tone of voice.

Sales data broke records with pre-orders reaching 1.3 million within eight days. In the first round of sales, all devices went in just 23 seconds; over 70 percent of purchases were made by millennial consumers. The campaign was hugely successful despite the odds.



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