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U. Promotional Activity of the Year

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Driving Dogs


DraftFCB New Zealand

The perception of shelter dogs that they are victims had made SPCA’s job of finding homes for these animals a real challenge and SPCA needed to change it. Meanwhile, its long-standing sponsor Mini also wanted to help SPCA in this initiative, to increase awareness of this partnership and also to make a real difference to the SPCA. SPCA and Mini employed a strategy to show the intelligence and trainability of SPCA dogs: teaching them to drive a Mini. The campaign faced two significant challenges: to teach a dog to drive with no camera tricks and to show it live on news TV in order to make the story credible. It started off with teasers to reveal the idea through prime-time news television show Campbell Live, before it further engaged the nation with training footage across PR and social media that posed the question ‘Can a dog drive a car? Tune-in one week later to find out’ in order to keep people intrigued emotionally. Finally, the idea was shown live on national TV to prove that the idea was actually possible.

Certificate of Excellence
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Back to Basics: Starbucks Espresso Journey

Starbucks Coffee Japan

Dentsu Public Relations

Customers who visit Starbucks more than once a week to drink espresso were decreasing due to the expansion of the beverage category. Dentsu came up with the idea of a unique outlet devoted to espresso for a limited period. The agency organised a press preview event on the opening day, featuring Japanese celebrities. Announcements were also posted on popular social media sites.

Certificate of Excellence
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ClimaCool Running Campaign



Adidas needed to generate awareness around its latest Clima-Cool series running shoes. Burson Marsteller decided to host ice-breaking contests in Shanghai and Beijing. The shoes were frozen in blocks of ice and participants thought of innovative ways to remove the shoes in less than 90 seconds. The shows attracted more than 11,700 people and 4,950 ice breaking games were held. Within 90 days, adidas was able to sell 1.4 million shoes.

Honourable Mention
Campaign Title

Thomas & Friends Guinness World Record Campaign in China



A new Guinness World Record was set when FleishmanHillard built a 2,888 metre plastic toy train track for Thomas & Friends. To convince parents in China the brand was educational instead of just fun, Jiaotong University was engaged as the project's technical advisor to ensure that real engineering principles were used in designing the toy train track. The initiative garnered total media coverage equivalent to US$500,000 in advertising value to stand out from competitors, Denmark-based Lego and Bandai from Japan.



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