C33. Technology

This category awards the innovation use of technology and most effective business-to-business or consumer campaigns. These may include, but are not limited to, product launches or innovations, uses and applications of technology, or technological issues and advancements. Judges will look at innovative and effective ways that technology has been incorporated into the PR campaign, how technology is used to deliver action orientated communications or experiences that have a tangible effect and pivotal to its success.

C32. Sports

This award recognises successful campaign that demonstrates the best use of PR to promote a live sporting activity/event or brand. Judges will look at marketing efforts and brand communications that impact brand or organisation perception.

C31. Reputation and Issues Management

This award recognises the effective communication in the context of an issue or reputational-management work by an agency or corporate PR team, or a combination of both. The objectives, strategy and method deployed should be clearly set out as well as implantation of tactics and how negative impacts were avoided, positive achieved and improvements made. Because of the sensitive nature, entrants may mark parts of their submission as strictly confidential and not for publication.

C30. Public Sector

This category recognises the most effective and successful use of PR by a public sector organisation, government departments and PR consultancies working in partnership with them. Judges will look for the most effective campaign or communication programme on a single topic such as health, crime, defence, etc.

C29. Public Education

This category recognises the most effective work done to implement a successful public education to raise public awareness and/or change opinion or behaviour to the targeted community. Judges will look at the strategy, core message, changed in public behaviour or opinion and the contribution of PR that led to success of the overall campaign.

C28. Public Affairs

This award recognises the most effective use of PR to change/enlist political and/or public opinion utilising public affairs tactics. Judges will be looking for evidence of work in research, media relations, grassroots community activity, lobbying and the distinct role and results of public affairs and lobbying.

C27. Promotional Activity

This award recognises the most effective and innovative PR/communication strategies, striking promotional event of the year. Judges will look at the campaign effectiveness including messaging, target audience and information on size and type of the activities, cost breakdown, and whether it was a stood alone or integrates to a wider campaign.

C26. PR Event

This award looks for effective brand event strategy which builds the value and reputation of the brand/product as part of a wider PR Campaign. This is open to any type/scale of event such as product launch, road show, concert etc. Judges will look for how the campaign reached wider audience via effective communication, value added service to build brand loyalty, and the objectives and results.

C25. Non-Profit

This category awarded to the most effective work for or by a charity, voluntary or non-profit organisation for fundraising, or in changing/enlisting political, public, or corporate opinion. The judges will look at the overall communication strategies, messaging, budget and the cost-effectiveness of the campaign; demonstrate unconventional tactics, measurement of success and, in the case of fundraising activities, the amount of monies received.

C24. Media Relations

This award recognises the most effective and successful use of media relations in a wider public relations context that meets client and/or campaign objectives. Judges will be looking for evidence on budget, strategy and tactics, including creativity and innovation and how it influences and changes behaviour among the target audiences.