C38. Best Sponsorship/Partnership

This award recognises excellence in utilising partnerships or partnership activation to achieve outcomes. Judges will be looking for creative and innovative sponsorship activation campaigns that cut through the clutter and reach out to the target audience, as well as how the public relations approach integrated with the overall campaign.

C37. Best Event Activation

This category recognises the most effective and creative event activation through the use of innovative platforms and interactive elements that capture audience engagement to achieve campaign goals.

C36. Best Creative Idea

This category celebrates a game-changing creative idea that takes a brand, company, or organization in a new, exciting direction and delivers results that exceed expectations. Judges will be looking at exceptional, creative campaigns that embrace out-of-the-box thinking, are innovative, drive brand awareness, and meet campaign KPIs.

C35. Best Brand Strategy

This category recognises the most authentic and innovative campaign to build and strengthen brand recognition, raise awareness, and effectively communicate with the audience to reach the brand objective.

C34. Technology

This category recognises the innovative use of technology and the most effective business-to-business or consumer campaigns. This may include but is not limited to, product launches or innovations, uses and applications of technology, or technological issues and advancements.

C33. Sports / eSports

This award recognises a successful campaign that demonstrates the best use of PR in promoting a live sporting activity/event or brand and has impacted the perception of the brand or organisation.

C32. Reputation and Issues Management

This award recognises effective communications related to an issue or reputational-management work by an agency or corporate PR team or a combination of both. Due to the sensitive nature, entrants may mark parts of their submission as strictly confidential and not for publication.

C31. Public Sector

This category recognises the most effective and successful use of PR by a public sector organisation, government departments, and PR consultancies working in partnership with them. The campaign or communications programme may be on a single issue such as health, crime, defense, etc.

C29. Public Affairs

This award recognises the most effective use of PR to change/enlist political and/or public opinion using public affairs tactics.

C28. Promotional Activity

This award recognises the most effective and innovative PR/communication strategies, and striking promotional events, whether it is a standalone event or integrated into a broader campaign.