Dentsu Inc.

In disaster-prone Japan, many people prepare food and water for disasters, but there are also diverse problems that individuals face during life in post-disaster shelters, including decline in health and loss of life.
We developed a platform based on data from past disasters that can let people know what they need to prepare, and used it to promote changes in awareness and action through digital media, hands-on events, and school lessons.
This increased awareness of individual issues and gave guidance for healthier living, and also encouraged changes in awareness and behavior among the population, media, and government.

GCI Health

For people living with diabetes, the flu causes higher rates of clinic visits, hospitalisations and even death. Flu vaccination is the most effective way to reduce the risks of flu complications among diabetes patients, however uptake remains low and Singapore’s diabetes clinical guidelines don’t provide advice on flu prevention. There was an urgent need to position flu protection as requiring immediate policy and patient attention in fighting the war on diabetes.

We created an army of partnerships across the diabetes care spectrum to deliver a patient and healthcare professional behavioural benchmark for policy makers, recruit policy influencers to stand behind our cause, and ensure a needed groundswell of patient engagement as a critical backdrop to our policy objectives.

Creating more attention to the topic of diabetes and flu than Singapore had ever seen, we proudly smashed every metric set on behalf of a vulnerable patient community.

TransComm Group, Burson Cohn & Wolfe, OgilvyPR

Recognising that the inclusion of medicines on the National Reimbursement Drug List (NRDL) is paramount to delivering affordable access to Chinese patients, Xian Janssen developed a communications & public affairs campaign to support reimbursement and access to 11 innovative medicines.

Campaign activities focused on four key areas: Disease awareness and advocacy; product differentiation; therapeutic area leadership; and corporate positioning.

Collaborating with patient advocacy groups and alignment of messages with medical experts was a core element of the campaign’s strategy. Traditional and social media channels were harnessed to reach reimbursement decision makers and activate targeted patient populations. Finally, high visibility at events involving government officials and the medical community further bolstered Xian Janssen’s efforts to secure reimbursement for key medicines.

Between 1 January 2019 – 1 April 2020, Xian Janssen secured NRDL inclusion for 8 new medicines and 5 indications – a record number for the company and the industry.

Adfactors PR Pvt. Ltd

Senco Gold and Diamonds mandated its retained PR firm to recommend an event that would celebrate equal rights for transgenders and establish the company’s credentials in the ‘inclusivity narrative’ in India.

Based on our research on prominent transgender individuals in Indian epics, including the Mahabharata, we recommended a first-of-its-kind fashion show featuring transsexuals representing the various mythological characters.

Inspired by our suggestions, Senco decided to launch a new range of jewellery, the ‘Pride Collection’, in support of the LGBTQ community. The fortnight-long event involved radio shows by Rian Ghosh, a transgender radio jockey, on Radio Mirchi, Fever FM, and Big FM. Separately, we organised a fashion show where Dr Manabi Bandyopadhyay, the first transgender woman in India to complete her doctorate, was the ‘showstopper’.

A focused group of journalists and international photo agencies covered the event, resulting in over 100 unique print and online stories.

Collaboration Consultancy Ltd, Above The Line Company Limited

Hong Kong Innovation Foundation and Olympian City have partnered with the acclaimed Leonardo3 Museum from Italy in bringing its world-class traveling exhibition to Olympian City. Entitled ‘Think Like Leonardo da Vinci 500th Anniversary Exhibition’, the Hong Kong event was the first large-scale thematic exhibition Leonardo3 Museum has ever staged in Asia. The exhibition showcased da Vinci’s ideas, achievements and contributions to society in an interactive and engaging way.

In addition to fascinating machines constructed by Leonardo3 Museum and interactive devices, the exhibition featured a host of new multi-sensory experiences specially designed for this event.

The never-before-seen da Vinci exhibition encouraged the audience to delve into the amazing universe of the da Vinci, to “think” and “be like” da Vinci by not only observe the world through his eyes, but also understand his values and being inspired from his innovative spirit.