Gilead Step Up Challenge

Gilead Sciences (Gilead) created the Gilead Step Up Challenge, an internal employee motivation, engagement and communications campaign during the COVID-19 pandemic to enable its 200+ employees across Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan to socially interact with one another virtually while contributing to the society during this difficult time. To ensure engagement, Gilead partnered with MoveSpring, a fitness application that helps gamify the challenge. We also created a regular stream of communications, including exercise tips, dashboard of steps accumulated and social media assets, to encourage participation and incentives in the form of charity donation to the best performing office and employees.

This three-week campaign achieved almost 100% engagement rate and raised US$28,000 for 4 charities. Together, the employees accumulated a total of 43,984,536 steps, which is equivalent to climbing Mount Everest 757 times.


DHL Supply Chain Asia Pacific is counted on by other businesses to keep logistics moving. In a pandemic situation we needed to keep our people safe and motivated, and our business protected. Communications was key to achieving this. We reached out to 42,000 employees, 80% of whom are warehouse operators with no access to work emails. Frequent, timely, personal and authentic communications proved to be key to our success – we successfully kept our people safe at work across 14 countries despite continued operations throughout the pandemic, we kept them connected to each other and to the business despite having to work differently, and we kept their spirits up.

Making Accounting More Free

Armed with two key insights—that paperwork culture was both hurting morale among accountants and was economically inefficient—we established the Making Accounting More Free initiative to promote paperwork digitalization as a solution for motivating accountants and helping companies significantly cut expenses. Our strategy was to first use the visual assets to lobby companies to join our cause, as well as to entice media outlets to provide us with a wide-reaching platform for delivering our message. Once the media and a significant number of companies were on our side, we would take the final step of implementing a public affairs strategy that would involve petitioning the government to incentivize paperwork digitalization.

Road to Recreate

In 2020, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Singapore went into lockdown and stores were forced to shut. This resulted in customers flocking to our eCommerce store to make purchases. However, due to the surge of orders coupled with lockdowns, the brand faced unprecedented challenges. We deployed a data-driven approach implemented through an integrated PR programme. Together with a joint task force, this is the story of how we turned dissenters, to supporters, haters to advocates. More importantly, we were able to support the community to rise above the negative ‘Covid Conciousness’ and be Ready for Sport during the Covid-19 pandemic.

IndiGo Lean Clean Flying Machine

The sudden halt of operations owing to a national lockdown from March 25 dried up IndiGo’s revenue stream. Meanwhile, panic around air travel had taken hold. Once operations resumed post lockdown at <25% capacity, it was imperative to assure customers of safety measures being followed, at the airport and onboard. The Lean Clean Flying Machine (LCFM) campaign focussed on enhancing trust by strengthening the narrative around the overall safety of air travel and specifically with IndiGo. The campaign resulted in 5,265 positive exposures with 54.5% stories (2,847) highlighting safety, contactless and hassle-free experience in the narrative, while 28.6% stories (1510) highlighted a reliable and trusted brand experience with IndiGo. The traffic on IndiGo grew over three-fold from 1.2 million in June to almost 4 million in December 2020.

The Slum That Beat Covid

Mumbai’s Dharavi is one of the largest and most densely-populated slums in Asia. Social distancing is almost impossible. The only way to limit the spread of Covid-19 is for residents to stay home, stay isolated and practice good hygiene. But how can we drive that message in a local culture with multiple dominant languages, high rates of illiteracy, and where toilet facilities are shared by multiple households? We combined culture, humour, and rhyme to create an easily understood prevention movement championed by one of their own. We collaborated with the local youth of Dharavi to create a rap anthem that lyricized the need for social distancing, hand washing and mask wearing in a catchy and un-patronizing way. Combined with government-imposed measures, posters and shareable animations, the campaign was instrumental in preventing a disastrous outcome in Dharavi, earning praise from the WHO.