PayMaya is Now Maya

When PayMaya became Maya, it was more than just an e-wallet’s transformation into a digital bank. It was about breaking the old money rules that governed traditional financial institutions to become an icon of financial freedom for the tech-savvy and money-wise Gen Z. Maya anchored the launch on the unique value of its all-in-one money app – the only finance app with payments, digital banking, and crypto seamlessly integrated into one experience.

Through synchronized launch activities for employees, media, and corporate partners, Maya breathed life into the new brand, creating stronger affinity and ambassadorship that eventually catapulted it to become the #1 digital bank in the Philippines.

Enter Vertuo

How do you re-launch a product two years after it was introduced during the pandemic with
excitement and a sense of newness to cut through the noise? Introducing: Enter Vertuo. Coffee your way, perfection with one touch. We decided what better way to create a disruptive brand experience than to show up in the heartlands with larger-than-life representations of our Vertuo Coffee Capsules/Pods – the first for the brand in the world! Strategically targeting 3 heartland districts, we gave consumers the chance to sample our coffees with the help of our experts, discover their unique coffee profiles, take part in a sure-win draw, and share their coffee moments on social media. Each of the brand activation element in place was designed to communicate Vertuo’s value propositions, from its unique Centrifusion technology, its ease of use and maintenance, as well as the large coffee formats.

Malaysia Healthcare Expo: Accelerating Post-Pandemic Recovery

Since 2009, Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council (MHTC), an agency under the Ministry of Health Malaysia, has played a crucial role in facilitating and promoting the healthcare travel industry. The consolidation of public-private efforts under the “”Malaysia Healthcare”” brand resulted in significant growth with over 10 healthcare travellers welcomed since 2019.

Malaysia has been a popular destination for Indonesians seeking high-quality and affordable healthcare services since 2010, with Indonesia accounting for 70% of total healthcare traveller arrivals. However, the pandemic halted the industry’s growth, particularly in this segment. With the reopening of borders, MHTC accelerated industry initiatives, utilising platforms like Malaysia Healthcare Expo (MHX) under the Experience Malaysia Healthcare brand campaign to ensure continuity of care and hasten recovery.

Organised across strategic locations in Indonesia, MHX showcased Malaysian hospitality and increased accessibility to healthcare services in Malaysia. These efforts yielded impressive results, generating RM1.3B(USD295) in revenues, 76% of pre-pandemic levels.

Small Shops Weather Big Storms

MSMEs are the backbone of Vietnam’s economy, but have continued to suffer since the outbreak of COVID-19. Within this sector, female MSMEs face even greater challenges due to the gender skills gap and inadequate digital literacy. In 2022, the company launched ‘Small Shops Weather Big Storms’ to empower female MSMEs with the skills and education to digitize their businesses and recover from the post-pandemic economic challenges. Their journey was documented throughout the campaign with the stories amplified across multiple channels to inspire and encourage even more female MSMEs. To upscale the project on a limited budget, the company partnered with leading, like-minded national organizations to tap on their network and resources, and created an expansible archive of free tools to help more MSMEs build digitally enabled businesses. The campaign was well received by the media and the public, helping to ensure the long term resilience of female MSMEs.


Obsessive social media scrolling means New Zealand teens are bombarded by endless filtered selfies daily. With no education about what’s real and what’s fake, these filtered images set unrealistic expectations that cause low levels of self-esteem and body dysmorphia.

This is the story of how a Mental Health Awareness Week charity partnership created change through a long-term education platform designed to improve the mental health of New Zealand teenagers online.

#BeYourSelfie began as an earned media and influencer-led campaign designed to raise awareness of the need for body positivity, through a Netsafe partnership with

By thinking beyond the brief, we developed an initiative that will change the lives of New Zealand youth for years to come by giving them an education tool in schools to help them cope with unethical retouching, face-turning, and social media filters online.