Johnnie Walker FY23 Trademark Integrated Campaign

Johnnie Walker had established certain extent of brand awareness in China yet it lacks a consistent brand image and interpretation towards its brand spirit “Keep Walking” highly as each sub-brand had been communicating towards Chinese consumers of different demographic backgrounds.
Discovering the topic of Chinese aerospace, which is the shared symbol of national pride for Chinese consumers of various background and the shared spirit of “taking bold steps and never stop exploring”, JW collaborated with CASCI in IP crossovers integratedly delivering the message of “Step Boldly into the Unknown” in customized social strategies across channels to effectively arouse the emotional resonance of Chinese consumers under different age groups. This campaign successfully achieved 209M total exposures and 2.2M total engagement.

Snickers Malaysia x BTS Campaign

When Snickers combined forces with super Korean boyband BTS, the collaboration became one of the most talked about sensations in the entire world. It was the same in Malaysia, but instead of relying solely on the automatically popular product, we went the extra mile to take full advantage of its talkability. What followed was an insightful, entertain-to-convert social media approach that delighted a rabid BTS fanbase so much that it resulted in 3.9 million additional impressions and 400% more user-generated content. More impressive than those campaign numbers was the number we had to work with; RM40,000 for a two-month campaign that included ambitious video content, multiple photoshoots, and media buys.

Advocating for Flood Recovery

In February 2022, an unprecedented flooding event swept through Northern-NSW obliterating homes, businesses and livelihoods. Norco’s ice-cream factory – the region’s biggest employer/economic-drivers – was wiped out.

With a 127-year-heritage in region, Norco needed to survive and rebuild, to offer hope and employment to a town in crisis. But the only way they could was with government support – otherwise they’d need to stand-down their entire workforce, significantly impacting the community and brand-reputation.

To drive action, we needed to make noise, but when the entire town needed support, we needed to do it in a community-centric way.
We formed a coalition of major-business leaders calling on the governments for support. The community-centric narrative highlighted the important role of anchor-businesses in the town’s recovery and their positive impact on SMBs.

Executed in just over 2-weeks, just under $50M in government-funding was secured for Norco, safeguarding employment and significantly benefitting the town’s recovery.

Fight Against Toxic & Illegal Incense Sticks

95% Indians at risk from mosquito-borne diseases. People seek repellents (electric, burning formats) to keep mosquitoes away. However, the use of illegal/unregulated mosquito repellent incense sticks spiked. Took just 4 years for incense sticks to clock INR 1000 crore annual sales

Repellent incense sticks are silent killers entering Indian households. Govt’s Central Insecticide Board approve HI products after 2 yrs mandated testing on toxicity/safety. Incense sticks not tested nor follow safety checks (skin, eye, respiratory). Doctors caution their use as they causes asthma, bronchitis, reactive airways disease & respiratory ailments.

Goodknight – India’s trusted & regulated household insecticide brand, launched a movement ‘The Fight against Illegal Mosquito Repellent Incense Sticks’. Goodknight collaborated with government (Ministry of Health, Indian Council of Medical Research), Trade Body (Home Insect Control Association (HICA), and 11 State governments for high-impact advocacy driven action against manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers of incense sticks and consumer awareness

See the Silver Lining on Head&Neck Cancer

High incidence rates of head and neck cancer in Taiwan reflect a need for increased public attention to environmental factors and improved government health insurance coverage. Our campaign, “See the Silver Lining on Head&Neck Cancer”, targeted this need. Our exhibition showcased patients’ cancer journeys and the supportive environment, in turn encouraging discussion and collaboration among key stakeholders. As a result of our efforts, discussions on head and neck cancer treatment rights doubled compared to the previous year, and the National Health Insurance Administration announced an unprecedented third negotiation meeting, providing patients a rare opportunity for reimbursement of new therapies.