In recent years, global concerns over marine plastic waste and fishing nets have led fashion brands to introduce sustainable items. However, low audience awareness and engagement through e-commerce pose challenges. The objective was to enhance recognition for these brands by creating an attention-grabbing touchpoint. The idea focused on the temporary closure of Japan’s “Great Barrier Reef Tank” at Kaiyukan aquarium, the largest aquarium in Japan. The “AQUWEARIUM Display” transformed the empty water tank into a media platform, showcasing sustainable fashion items and serving as a trigger for marine conservation awareness. QR codes on the water tank facilitated direct purchases from brand sites, encouraging actions to visitors towards marine conservation. The initiative garnered exposure in 13 TV broadcasts, 9 newspapers, and 300 web outlets, with an advertising value of 1.2 billion yen, boosting site traffic by 120% to 500%.

Weekend-Milk Splash

In Japan, supporting the survival of approximately 6,000 dairy farmers and addressing calcium deficiency in around 10 million children became critical.
To cultivate a new habit, encouraging parents to prioritize drinking milk at home on non-school lunch days, the Japan Dairy Association has launched the Weekend-Milk Splash campaign, a collaborative initiative engaging stakeholders in dairy farming, nutrition, education, and creative minds nationwide.
We collaborated with over 100 stakeholders from the dairy farming, dairy industry, school, and nutritionist sectors. We held regular Weekend-Milk ideathons, resulting in the launch and execution of around 20 projects.
As a result, the habit of milk consumption has increased by 31.9%. Respondents who engaged with the content reported, “I have developed a habit of consuming milk or dairy products with my child on weekends.”

Dirty Weekend Away

“We gave Aussies the chance to book a “Dirty” Weekend Away in one of Sydney’s most luxurious homes. For free.

The catch…..It was actually dirty. And guests had to clean up on arrival using the brand new MACH V1 Ultra.

The luxury home was picked to match the luxury vacuum. Designed by leading interior designer Nina Maya, the five bed, nine bath house worth over $20M had panoramic ocean views over Tamarama, a 25M pool set in a courtyard oasis, an infrared sauna, gym, cinema and custom art.

– 1,600+ on the waitlist
– 16,000 monthly website visitors starting from 0

– Reach of over 85M including The Project, NewsCorp, Yahoo and Kidspot
– 30 media attendees at launch

Social & Influencer
– 1.8M social Impressions across TikTok and Instagram
– 7.5K social engagements
– Video CTR of 5.17% (more than 5x industry average of 1%)”

Winnie-the-Pooh: The Deforested Edition

“Who Gives A Crap is loved by eco-friendly customers for its 100% recycled and bamboo toilet paper in Australia, the US and the UK.

Most people don’t realise, but over one million trees are cut down every single day to make traditional toilet paper. To draw attention to this catastrophic statistic, and get people to reconsider their destructive bathroom habits, we created Winnie-the-Pooh: The Deforested Edition; a first-of-its-kind reimagining of the iconic 1926 children’s book.

A rare edition rather than a new story, the original narrative remained unchanged, retaining the magic of Winnie-the-Pooh and A. A. Milne as the author. However, the book’s illustrations were recreated to represent the impact of land cleared every day to make traditional toilet paper.”

Coca-Cola ‘God of Cookery’ Foodmarks at Temple Street

In 2024, Coca-Cola introduced “Coca-Cola Foodmarks” globally to reinforce its association with consumption occasions. As one of the five cities to activate a large-scale Foodmarks experience around the world, Hong Kong introduced “The God of Cookery Foodmark by Coca-Cola”, a 4-day pop up consumer experience inspired by the classic gourmet movie. Through a strategy that is actionable and socially enabled, the campaign effectively conveyed Coca-Cola’s allure with the movie theme, seamlessly integrating Hong Kong culture and resonating with modern consumers. Most importantly, the event successfully celebrated the Recipe for Magic, the enduring connection of shared meals, cultural nuances with an iced cold Coca-Cola. This campaign reached 172 million people within four days, with media coverage generating an EAV exceeding HK$8.265 million. Organic social media posts reached an audience of 1.124 million people and gained a 97% increase in followers compared to the previous 7-day increment.


La Vie encountered significant hurdles in fostering a meaningful connection with its target audience, resulting in a diminished share of voice and a stagnant trajectory in business growth. The disconnection, encompassing both functional and emotional dimensions, created a formidable challenge in differentiating La Vie mineral water from competitors.
– La Vie’s “”Quiet Nature Regenerates Your Loud Life”” campaign established the brand as a daily companion for young individuals, promising peace of mind and a healthy lifestyle thanks to the uniqueness of six essential minerals.
– Through a year-long collaboration with KOLs, “”YÊN squad””, La Vie inspired a positive lifestyle among the youth.
– Social media activities, including “”Yên style”” quiz and “”Yên”” music show, were designed to spread the campaign’s message. The campaign’s highlight was the grand Regenerative Hub, a nature event in Ho Chi Minh City, combining nature with 360-degree projection technology for a memorable experience.