Greenovation: Achieving Impact Through Retrofitting and PropTech

Hongkong Land, a sustainability pioneer, had been relatively low-key about its achievements. Our campaign reshaped the sustainability narrative in the property sector, emphasising the importance of retrofitting existing buildings and collaborating with tenants.

We implemented a comprehensive strategy focused on retrofitting and “”ESG as a Service,”” utilising proptech to foster collaborative sustainability between landlords and tenants; thought leadership in business media was our primary target, where we focused on building a strong media network, publishing insightful byline articles, and hosting a panel discussion among experts and tenants to discuss collaborative ESG practices.

The campaign delivered impressive results, securing 43 media placements valued at over HK$2 million in influential outlets like Bloomberg Businessweek and SCMP. The panel discussion attracted over 180 attendees, with 10 additional tenants committing to sustainability programs. The media coverage reinforced Hongkong Land’s leading role in ESG initiatives and global sustainability rankings.

Hong Kong’s First Ever LEED Zero Carbon Restaurant

There is a growing awareness and demand for sustainable practices in the restaurant industry in recent years from the public and the Government. With McDonald’s Global net zero target by 2050 and the new regulations on disposable plastic products and the Municipal Solid Waste Charging targeting to launched in April and August 2024 respectively, restaurants will need to adapt and find innovative ways to reduce their plastic usage and waste production, and operate in a more sustainable manner. To achieve that, McDonald’s Hong Kong (MHK) made another breakthrough in 2023 by opening Hong Kong’s first LEED Zero Carbon restaurant certified by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC).

Ocean Park Croco Land Opening

Ocean Park Hong Kong, as a key advocate for conservation and education, surpassing its reputation as a renowned leisure and resort destination. However, economic downturns and the Covid pandemic, misconceptions and calls to close the Park have threatened its conservation legacy.
However, an opportunity arose to celebrate Ocean Park’s contributions to conservation with the rescue of a four-year-old Siamese-Cuban crocodile, a mix of critically endangered species. The Park’s experienced veterinary team created Croco Land, a dedicated zone providing a permanent home for this endangered crocodile.
The objectives of raising awareness about Croco Land were to offer the public a rare opportunity to intimately connect with a non-native species and foster a deeper appreciation for the natural world, and to highlight Ocean Park’s indispensable role in local and global biodiversity preservation. By securing long-term support for its mission, Ocean Park strives to ensure the continued success of its conservation efforts.”

Show Your Care, Use Greenware!

The Quayside (TQS) in Kowloon East stands as a model for eco-friendly urban development, leading the charge in reducing single-use plastic (SUP) cutlery ahead of Hong Kong’s 22 April 2024 ban. The “”Show Your Care, Use Greenware!”” initiative forms part of TQS’s broader goal to foster a sustainable, wellness-oriented community.

Recognising the critical role of F&B operators and office tenants in effecting behavioral change, the campaign strategically centered on engaging these key stakeholders. Through collaborations with environmental organisations and local artists, TQS launched the “”Show Your Care, Use Greenware!”” initiative, featuring art installations, sustainable F&B practices, and interactive workshops aimed at reducing SUP usage. Following this, the “”Christmas in Green Glow”” project focused on decreasing holiday waste, solidifying TQS’s role in spearheading trendy and sustainable living practices in Kowloon East.

BBC Studios – This Summer with Bluey Campaign

“Recognising challenges in raising Bluey’s profile among local audiences, we leveraged and localised the animation’s global BEACH campaign by collaborating with the prestigious Aranya Resort, transforming the destination into a Bluey wonderland for families, fans and tourists during the peak summer period.

Keeping within a tight budget, we delivered a diverse range of immersive activities, coupled with themed social media content, achieved over 18 million impressions, with over 8.3 million on WeChat alone. The campaign increased engagement on WeChat by over 300%, while Weibo engagements surged to 113,000, four times what we have set out to achieve. Our campaign also coincided with Aranya’s strategy to identify and explore child-parent marketing opportunities. With the event’s success Bluey and Aranya secured a long-term partnership across all of Aranya’s resorts, seeing a significant potential uplift in Bluey merchandise sales and generating sustained exposure across target audience groups.”

Media, Arts & Entertainment- Jubilee

In a newly independent India, a studio boss, his movie-star wife, a trusted aide, a nautch girl and a refugee will have their paths cross in their pursuit of stardom and riches.Studio owner Srikant Roy discovers that his wife Sumitra is having an affair with the studio’s upcoming star, Jamshed Khan. Roy sends his loyal lab assistant Binod to Lucknow to bring them both back, urgently. Binod finds a unique way to get his boss what he wants. Roy gambles on his new star. Binod navigates the way around his new life. Sumitra refuses to let go of Jamshed. Jay arrives in Bombay and is forced to take up a life of crime. Niloufer moves to Bombay but gets caught in a dangerous situation. Jay goes job-hunting and is reunited with an old friend. Niloufer creates her own opportunities. Nanik Jotwani and Roy begin a revolutionary venture.

Resonating The Voice of ‘Sandwich Generation’

“Gampang Cuan (“Easy Money”) is an Indonesian drama comedy movie with the highest audience in 2023. When horror movies were everywhere to “”scare”” people, Gampang Cuan would take people to laugh and have a good cry over family and money problems as the movie subjects.

Before its release, the movie was already blown up on the internet by the cast’s publicity stunt, earned media publications, and promising trailer. There was exclusive footage on Instagram, witty commentaries on Twitter, and spoiler marketing on TikTok.

This success was driven by four key strategies: consistently deploying the key message, making the characters and chemistry believable, tailoring everything to the audience, and sharing movie breadcrumbs. Those strategies successfully brought people to cinemas.

As a result, the movie attracted 772.374 audiences, gained over 150 million digital impressions, and generated USD 1.7 M in revenue from ticket sales.”