WE Communications

WE Communications Australia is an agency in motion with a purpose-led strategy at the heart of what we do. Our ethos is simple – Inspire Positive Impact – for our staff, clients and the community. We are Australia’s most effective agency by living our mission and focusing on results and tangible impact. By prioritising client centricity and our putting our people first, we delivered effective campaigns in partnership with our clients and had one of our best years to date, increasing revenue by 30% YOY, retaining 92% of our clients, adding 18 new clients and diversifying our services, all while proving our team ample opportunity to develop their careers at WE.

Ruder Finn

“Founded in 1989, Ruder Finn Asia (RFA), is the Asia-Pacific operation of the global independent communications consulting firm, Ruder Finn. With 24 offices across Asia, we help our clients engage with those vital to their business success. We achieve this through compelling communications counsel.

Our work is a blend of science and art: data-driven, inspirational with results at its centre. Our services cover research, strategy, digital, social, web, content and media — and our clients include the world’s leading corporations and brands.

2021 was a year of exceptional growth and achievement for Ruder Finn Asia, and we’re proud of what we accomplished. Namely, we won 75 major industry awards across Asia-Pacific, added over a hundred new clients to our roster, increased our active client base by over 50% and saw our revenue growth hit the double-digits.”