Pollution Capture Pencils

Otrivin, a non-prescription nasal decongestant spray and world leader in nasal health, works towards Actions to Breath Cleaner (ABC). Taking a step towards making breathing easier for underprivileged children in India, Otrivin launched the Pollution Capture Pencils. They placed air purifiers in schools and the residue was combined with graphite to create Pollution Capture Pencils, which were distributed to the children. To send a message to parents to take individual actions to fight pollution, children used the pencils to write 1000 open letters to parents and sketch pollution-fighting superheroes at Comic Con India. The best sketches have been converted into NFTs to be auctioned, proceeds from which will be utilized to place more pollution-collecting air purifiers at even more schools in India. Public relations and social media were used to spread the message. So far, 10,000 pencils have been created from ‘pollution residue’ collected from cleaning over 2 billion cubic meters of polluted air.