Red Agency with Y&R ANZ

Despite founding online food delivery in Australia over a decade ago, Menulog faced low brand awareness and understanding of its proposition among consumers. Menulog’s challenge was to capture attention, shift customer ordering behaviour from using the phone to the Menulog app and compete with the rising strength of new challenger brands, Deliveroo and Uber Eats.

To target both brand and category audiences we established a unique creative thread to tie them together – inspiring and surprising food experiences.

As the nation’s top takeaway delivery company, we decided to recruit a superstar to ‘deliver’ our message. We took much-loved Hollywood superstar and well known ‘foodie’ Jeff Goldblum, turned him into ‘Chef’ Goldblum and had him tell Australia “Less Talk (no more phone), More Eat”.

The approach dominated the food ordering industry through the launch of the Jeff campaign, integrated the brand into the everyday food occasions of Australians and educate the market about Menulog’s unique selling points.

In an integrated effort, the campaign achieved almost 1300 earned stories and a global reach of 1.4 billion. App downloads and brand searches both increased significantly, all contributing to a growth in sales throughout the year.


In Australia, despite ongoing government and non-for-profit initiatives, 13,000 Australians will be diagnosed with melanoma this year, and thousands will die from it.

IBM, alongside the Melanoma Institute of Australia, is working to help clinicians detect melanoma sooner and more accurately.

We worked with IBM’s agency partner to create a way for everyday Australians to interact with Watson as it learned more about the symptoms of melanoma. Everyday Australians were analysed by Watson, who would add the data from each individual to his learning, and could refer them to a skin specialist if necessary.

The national campaign drove conversation around skin care and the early warning signs of melanoma, and Australians unable to visit the SmartMirror could share their stories and photographs online. Tagging #OutThinkMelanoma allowed Watson to incorporate these stories into its learning.

The campaign reached a quarter of Australia’s population, via broadcast on four national TV channels, radio interviews and national newspapers. As a result, more than twice the target number of people used the SmartMirror, with several of them referred to dermatologists, potentially saving their lives. On top of this, we generated gigabytes of new data for Watson to continue learning and refining its diagnosis capabilities.

Dentsu Inc. and Dentsu Public Relations Inc.

In Japan, the firmly ingrained stereotype that housework is women’s work means that, even today, women handle around 90% of household chores. Measures intended to address this disparity have proven largely ineffective, while media and advertisers continue to portray women tackling the housework alone.

JOY, a dishwashing detergent brand operated by P&G Japan, launched a campaign to tackle the issue of gender inequality in housework, and promote a nationwide attitude shift. Fifty-eight photos of couples enjoying chores together were prepared and supplied to Aflo, one of Japan’s largest photo agencies, for distribution to marketers and advertisers. Next came a video, Things Shared by Two People, contrasting the fun times a couple shared before marriage with the wife’s current lone struggles with the housework. Lastly, special marriage registration forms were issued, with an extra section for couples to make a pre-nuptial pledge to share their chores.

The Aflo pictures received more than 3,600 downloads, the marriage registration forms over 4,500, and the video was viewed over a million times within thirty hours of its release. The project has also won endorsements from numerous journalists and influencers, while P&G Japan recorded an increase in sales of JOY.

Red Agency

In 2017 the Australian Macadamia industry had two big challenges – devastating weather events that played havoc on yields and low awareness of the nut’s home-grown status, particularly amongst 18-24 year olds important for the industry’s future sustainability.

Our brief was getting Australia behind this home-grown icon, and send the country (and the world) a message; the macadamia industry is open for business.

With limited budget, we needed to instil a sense of emotion and national pride. The creative thought was simple, Red Agency literally pair macadamias with one of our most loved icons.
We engaged Australia’s leading zoo, Australia Zoo, to welcome the first baby koala of the season and affectionately name him ‘Macadamia’.
Armed with emotive visuals and video, we announced Macadamia to the world, achieving wall-to-wall mainstream coverage. In 12 hours, news of Macadamia’s birth had gone global.

Earned reach totalled 180,636,493 including 95,516,235 domestically and 85,120,258 internationally. Social media engagement was phenomenal and remains the strongest ROI Australian Macadamias has ever seen. Domestically, the public claimed ‘Little Mac’ as their own.

Following the campaign, research demonstrated a 4% increase in awareness amongst 18-24 years olds when asked where macadamias come from.

Redder Advertising

Children worldwide gain pride in their nations by learning and treasuring the cultural values embedded in local folklore. However, for the last 10 years, Vietnamese children have been significantly losing interest in Vietnamese old tales and lose attachment to their country.

Meanwhile, Biti’s – one of the most popular national brands – desires to increase the brand power & brand love among the nation and the people, and step closer to becoming an iconic brand standing for and supporting the important culture values.

Coincidentally 15 years ago, Biti’s once did a legendary TVC telling the story of the Vietnamese ancestors’ footsteps to build the country, starting from the very famous founding folklore story – Sons of The Fairy and The Dragon, Vietnamese Origin Legend, which is strongly recalled by 25-40 years-old parents nowadays (who’re also the key target consumers of the brand). And then, the brand started reinventing this founding story ‘CON RONG CHAU TIEN, telling it in a lively and exciting animation video for the first time in Vietnam.