We developed TUNA SCOPE, the world’s first AI capable of discerning tuna quality with the eye of a skilled artisan.Using the peculiarities of deep learning,the AI was able to establish its own methodology for making judgments that had been considered ‘tacit knowledge’ based on human intuition and experience, becoming the world’s first AI to successfully acquire a professional skill.

In 2020,TUNA SCOPE has been introduced to Kura-Sushi, the largest sushi chain in Japan.With strict COVID-19 travel restrictions preventing its staff from going abroad to purchase tuna as usual, Kura-Sushi succeeded in AI-driven remote purchasing of high-quality stock by sending the app to plants overseas.Its new ‘AI-Tuna’ product was sold in 461 stores, tripling previous sales figures. Tuna Scope caused a major stir around the world, with coverage by more than 1,500 media outlets in 57 countries, as a digital transformation of quality judgment and a solution for overcoming the pandemic.

Lifebuoy Tet – KAIROS

Despite the difficulties the world had to face in 2020, Vietnam suffered relatively less damage in terms of the pandemic and was looking forward to welcoming a brighter 2021 leading up to Lunar New Year. As a result, Vietnamese people were becoming increasingly optimistic and letting go of their hand-washing habits. The campaign “Lifebuoy Tet 2021” not only successfully sustained the brand’s share-of-voice during a critical time, but also reached a higher purpose in re-establishing hands hygiene habit in Tet while aiding various communities in need. This outstanding result was thanks to an effective social media strategy executed for maximum impact.

SingapoRediscovers with hyperlocal online content

Singaporeans had expressed their unwillingness to patronise Singapore’s hotels, tours and attractions. When borders closed, the tourism sector needed the support of locals to weather the storm. Given restrictions in movement locally as well, we had to use a digital-first approach when embarking on the SingapoRediscovers campaign, to capture minds and hearts from domestic audiences and challenge misconceptions of the sector. With a hyperlocalised digital approach, we leveraged strong and influential owned channels and online partners to promote new, undiscovered gems to support tourism establishments – supplemented by targeted digital paid amplification to industry and general audiences. We activated creative digital-friendly visuals and videos, influencers and community groups, to advocate for and endorse the best of Singapore tourism. This helped move the needle in SingapoRediscovers Vouchers redemptions, led to marked increases in social media growth and digital engagement, and saw thousands of user-generated online content.

MTV ORGAN Daan… Be Your Own Superhero!

In a nation of 1.3 billion people, India’s deceased organ donation rate stands at 0.52 per million population. That means less than one person in every ten-lakh people in India end up donating their organs after death. Not only is this abysmal rate an alarming reality but leads to lakhs of patients waiting in line for an organ. Despite living in a generation of information overflow, India is afflicted by organ shortage and is an issue stuck in misconception and myths. From taboos around body getting disfigured to the condition of organs, organ donation in India is lost in ambiguity vying for a credible solution. Launched during the ‘Joy of Giving Week’, MTV ORGAN Daan- Your One Time Pass (OTP) to Heaven aimed at educating the youth on the cause of Deceased Organ Donation rate in India.