AIDS Avatar

Between misinformation, discriminatory conversations and generally a hostile environment, People Living With HIV (PLWH) face very real social, mental, and physical health challenges every single day.

Taiwan AIDS Society and Taiwan AIDS Nurse Association have focussed on “health (or disease) equity” education to the public for years. But without first-hand experience, empathy and subsequent action can still be out of reach.

We needed to come up with something that would help people feel, via a platform that anyone could access. Landing on a strategy to create empathy through virtual simulation, we created a first-person perspective game to literally to put players in the position of PLWH via gamification.

The results? 68% of players changed their attitude in-game, average gameplay of 32 minutes, 55% increase in YOY search volume for AIDS related terms in Taiwan, 64,000 downloads, and a #3 ranking in App Store’s adventure game category.

Pollution Capture Pencils

Otrivin, a non-prescription nasal decongestant spray and world leader in nasal health, works towards Actions to Breath Cleaner (ABC). Taking a step towards making breathing easier for underprivileged children in India, Otrivin launched the Pollution Capture Pencils. They placed air purifiers in schools and the residue was combined with graphite to create Pollution Capture Pencils, which were distributed to the children. To send a message to parents to take individual actions to fight pollution, children used the pencils to write 1000 open letters to parents and sketch pollution-fighting superheroes at Comic Con India. The best sketches have been converted into NFTs to be auctioned, proceeds from which will be utilized to place more pollution-collecting air purifiers at even more schools in India. Public relations and social media were used to spread the message. So far, 10,000 pencils have been created from ‘pollution residue’ collected from cleaning over 2 billion cubic meters of polluted air.

Here we are for your health

One great challenge in any campaign is to have a message that genuinely resonates with the audience. Our full-funnel campaign for FWD accomplishes exactly that.

As the world picks itself back up, the transition hasn’t been easy; habits changed, priorities shifted, and hesitancy in decision-making is at an all-time high.

So we crafted a strategy focused on promoting health and well-being. Our pinpoint execution included leveraging Canto-pop group MIRROR and their loyal following to help carry our campaign messaging. Not only did the band respond with utmost positivity, but so did their fans, our audience, and the city.

We generated buzz around Hong Kong, enhanced brand awareness, engaged with audiences, and ensured that we continue the conversation with authentic content created by MIRROR themselves.

This campaign was a success at any measure. But the greatest thing we brought about? An optimistic future, with health and well-being at the forefront.

QT Curious Currencies

QT is a luxury hotel chain designed to allow guests to indulge their strangest desires. But, after two years of COVID lockdowns, the hotel found themselves opening their doors to the worst economic downturn in over a century. With both the hotel and its guests strapped for cash, QT needed an idea that would help to generate buzz and stimulate hotel bookings without costing them, or their clientele.

So, in a promotion as unorthodox as the properties themselves, QT invited guests to pay for their stay using an item of personal value. From engagement rings to haunted dolls, so long as the item had value to the guest, it was a valid form of payment.

600+ curious currencies were submitted, generating 75 pieces of earned media and reaching 29 million customers. The integrated approach resulted in $1.5 million of media coverage from a media spend of just $10,000.

Turning a Corner Through a Surprising Fashion Crossover

Like most skincare and beauty brands in China, TriPollar, an Israeli home beauty device brand, relied primarily on livestreamers to drive its sales. However, TriPollar found that this traditional approach made the brand overly dependent on factors outside of its own control, making it difficult to build strong brand recognition and a solid foundation for future growth. To build brand recognition without a reliance on livestreaming, enriching brand assets to facilitate self-driven sales, we helped our client create a key brand asset that can differentiate TriPollar from competitors and then identified a key moment to deliver the message for maximum effect on our target audience thought a surprising fashion crossover. Ultimately, we successfully made TriPollar stand out from a highly homogenous and crowded market and drove strong sales.

Virgin Australia: The Tassie Tux

Virgin Australia and Tourism Tasmania partnered to drive more visitors to travel via air to Tasmania during the winter ‘Off Season’. We were tasked to create a change in how the rest of Australia sees winter – showing how it’s something worth embracing rather than escaping.

In collaboration with Australia’s influential athletic apparel brand P.E Nation, we created the first ever in-air Black Tie event, with a twist. Instead of penguin suits and sparkling overcoats, we introduced our guests to a Tassie favourite — the ‘Tassie Tux’. The limited edition ‘Tassie Tux’ (black puffer jacket) was designed and debuted onboard the first flight of winter.

“The Gate”–revitalising the landmark with another

Chongqing’s shopping complex openings in 2021 were six times that of previous year. The brand thus leveraged Chongqing’s 25th anniversary as an independent municipality to build the city’s pride and cement bonding with the public by emphasizing it as a true Chongqing landmark. It debuted the international cultural artwork “The Gate to the East” in China, which was a multi-level pyramid of bamboo symbolizing Chongqing’s mountains and heritage in a modern way. The grand exhibit, together with a series of themed activities co-launched with top-notch fashion brands, drew national and international awareness and enlarged the market shares by pulling shoppers locally and from nearby cities. Results: With six times more new competitors, the brand successfully enlarged its market share with 101.24% sales growth. 874 media reported the event reaching a 1.2+ billion audience. 51% of earned exposure came from international media in 10+ regions.