Taking regional stories to global audience

India is a country with diverse realities. While people are sitting in the comfort of their urban homes there are fellow citizens who sleep in dark corners of the country, with barely a shroud of a roof on their heads and no rights to claim. This is a story of one man who chose to fight for the lives and rights of the oppressed, using the law as his weapon to bring justice where it was deserved. Jai Bhim is a Tamil courtroom drama based on the life and work of Justice Chandru, focusing on one of his cases when he was an Advocate. We wanted to take this story from a small village in India to the world, putting regional cinema on the global map! Through an impactful and authentic campaign, Jai Bhim created a benchmark by garnering accolades both internationally and at home in India.

Sardar Udham: Unravelling life of a revolutionary

Who is Sardar Udham? In India, amongst the names of esteemed revolutionaries like Gandhi, Bose, Bhagat Singh and Azad, the name Sardar Udham lies dusty and forgotten. There is little to no recorded history of this radical revolutionary whose single-minded focus in life was to avenge the genocide of Jallianwala Bagh. The film and our campaign aimed to give new life to the story of this enigma who sacrificed himself for his country. With a powerful campaign, we showcased a journey through the mind of an enigma out on a mission. With a whopping rating of 9.2 on IMDb and was received fantastically well, especially across audiences in India, UK, Canada and USA with 90% positive media reviews. Not only was the film shortlisted as one of India’s official entries to the Oscars but Sardar Udham was reinstated in the hearts and minds of Indians across the globe.

K11 Art Mall MEME Museum by 9GAG

“K11 Art Mall opened in 2009 as the world’s first museum-retail destination. In recent years, its competitors have started to replicate the brand’s successful art and commerce business models
while targeting Gen Z. How can K11 Art Mall breakthrough? Generation Z is the most in-demand generation for retailers. The race to capture their hearts and minds is on!
K11 Art Mall MEME Museum by 9GAG has broken all internal records, fast becoming K11 Art Mall’s most-attended exhibition since its opening 10 years ago. The successful execution of Meme Museum also helped increase traffic to K11 Art Mall – foot traffic grew 20% during the period. Over 70% of the exhibition attendees were Gen Z, with 50% being new to K11 Art Mall, which demonstrates this edgy and innovative art and cultural content successfully garnered the attention and curiosity of young Hong Kong consumers.”