Ngong Ping 360 Limited

Ngong Ping 360, located within the limited space of a country Park in Hong Kong, focuses on crafting campaigns and PR strategies to offer captivating experiences to customers due to limited land expansion opportunities. NP360’s targeted approach has successfully attracted families, mass public, youth, and overseas travelers through innovative collaborations with brands and artists to create innovative campaigns that garnered extensive PR coverage, social media engagement and visitation. For instance, during Double Duck campaign, visitation increased over 200% and with ROI of over 800%. All campaigns resulted in increase of website traffic, PR value, and cable car visitation and more. NP360’s commitment to CSR is evident in its partnerships with local charities and events for underprivileged families, such as the charity sale of rubber ducks, which were sold out in 5 hours. These efforts have contributed to NP360’s success as a premier destination in Hong Kong.