We were tasked with launching Fujifilm’s latest camera in a way that would drive mass media coverage outside the tech pages.

So… making it easier than ever to get the perfect Insta-worthy holiday shot, we launched Fujifilm’s own luxurious picture-perfect private island, Fuji Island, designed to be the ultimate photography retreat.

The island, located a short boat ride away from the coast of Fiji’s mainland, served as the ultimate location for aspiring photographers. Not only did it provide breathtaking sunrises and sunsets, crystal clear lagoons and private beaches, it also provided access to the state of the art X-T3 and a personal photographer to help capture the perfect snaps.

Fuji Island put the brand back on the map – literally. Through an unprecedented amount of media and social coverage, Fujifilm was able to reach a new demographic and ensure the X-T3 became Fujifilm’s best selling mirrorless camera of 2018!


Mastercard campaign to Start Something Priceless® at the Australian Open.

We found that our target audience were spending more time on their screens than face to face. What united them was a desire to make true emotional connection in their community.

New research revealed that nearly 60% of Aussies never speak with their neighbours, and 38% do not know their neighbours at all.

Rally Together showed how tennis could help bring people in local communities back together and help them find the connection they seek.

We challenged communities and neighbours to rekindle over a rally.

We broke down the physical barriers that divided neighbours. We removed hedges and fences and replaced them with real tennis nets for people in the community to come together over a rally, all in the name of fun and inspiring new friendships.

Fleishman Hillard

Over 4.5 million Australians suffer from hayfever without even realising they’re a sufferer.

We needed them to recognise the physical signs of hayfever allergies and how to treat with Zyrtec.

Data showed our target audience loved to look-and-feel good, so we mixed fashion with pollen to create the ultimate allergy torture test – a living floral dress.

Masterminded by florist and designer Jasmine Christie, we took our Pollen Couture to the masses, sponsoring the first event in Sydney’s Spring Racing Carnival, where it was debuted by allergy sufferer and former Miss World Australia Madeline Cowe – shedding light on how she lives allergy-free with Zyrtec.

The Pollen Couture campaign resulted in national PR and social coverage, resulting in Zyrtec’s biggest ever sales week.

Era Ogilvy PR

It was a balmy summer night on 31st July 2014, when all of a sudden, a massive explosion tore through the streets along 6 km, ripping through the pavement. 32 people were killed and over 300 injured. Before investigation was conducted, LCY, which owned one of the affected underground pipelines, shouldered the majority of the blame from the victims and their families. While 90%+ of the severely injured and impacted individuals are young and middle-aged adults, who are usually economic pillars of their family and still have a long future after the incident, the empowerment of the impacted individuals is as important as financial aid. By accompanying and supporting them as they bring their lives back on track, we will have a chance to turn the adversarial relationship between LCY and those impacted into a trusting one, thus leading to the recovery of the corporate reputation of LCY.


With stagnating sales and an “old man” image, legendary outdoor brand Columbia needed to rejuvenate its brand and increase sales. Insights showed that “outdoor” lacked relevance to the target audience, who associated it with extreme activities. However, Columbia also found that “outdoor” had positive connotations such as “exploring”. Therefore, Columbia embarked on redefining “outdoor” to make it relevant again. Under the campaign mantra “outdoor is outside your door”, Columbia aimed to inspire young Chinese to go outside of the house and experience new things. A completely integrated campaign, anchored in an event, and with targeted use of influencers and creative co-created multi-media content, Columbia managed to rejuvenate its brand, completely re-define “outdoor” and making it relevant, increase sales-through of core product by 91%, but most importantly: to rally a nation to go exploring: the hashtag #gofortheunknown touched 69 million people, making outdoor part of their lives, making Columbia relevant again.