‘Made in Vietnam’, had never triggered national pride in its people. Biti’s Hunter, a leading local sneaker brand, flips the inferior perception, encouraging Vietnamese to feel proud of their origin as well as of products made in Vietnam.

An integrated digital- and PR-led campaign that captures Vietnamese culture, the DNA of Vietnamese and what it means to live in Vietnam. Vietnam is perhaps the only place in the world where you’ll find kindness in hardship, optimism in chaos, beauty in messes, progress in traditions, and most importantly, a second home on the streets.

Our creative idea ‘Proudly Made in Vietnam’ reverberates with nationwide audience through the key message “So what if it’s imperfect! We’re still proud”. We not only talked the talk through viral film, digital PR but also walked the walk by launching a new Street line which authentically embraces all the imperfections of Vietnamese streets.

ERA Myanmar with Amara

You may not have heard of Thadingyut (tha-din-jut), but in Myanmar it’s one of the most important festivals of the year. The long holiday celebrates the Buddha’s temporary return to earth, and it’s the time of year where Myanmar pay respect to their elders in the form of gifts, prayer and otherwise. The city is bedazzled with lights on every street and the mood shifts away from the 5-month monsoon and towards the harvests of fall.

How many people see their elders as the youngsters they once were, and how many take a moment to ask them what their dream for their life was when they were young? This integrated campaign campaign set out to challenge Myanmar travelers with this very sentiment for Thadingyut.


Grab’s vision is to improve the quality of life for the 620 million people in Southeast Asia (SEA). Yet the company faced distrust amongst consumers and governments, due to a mix of global scandals that painted big tech in a bad light, faltering startup IPOs, and a limited understanding of platform businesses. There was an urgency – and opportunity – to remind stakeholders of Grab’s values and demonstrate its commitment to social impact.

The team developed a multi-year “Grab for Good” program to set a responsible tech narrative for Grab and guide business decisions to deliver long-term social impact. With a combination of data-driven communications and coordinated in-market activations, the Grab for Good program was designed to convince Governments to let Grab co-nation build for future generations; businesses to partner Grab and scale the positive impact of tech; and consumers to trust Grab and want to continue using our services.


VMware is on a journey of transformation. Through our acquisitions and extensive partnerships, we have expanded our portfolio and capabilities to better support businesses across Any Platform, Any App, Any Device. What this means for businesses in Asia is an ability to leapfrog – through greater mobility, innovation and faster time to market. The exponential growth and the movement from a virtualization leader to an enabler of digital transformation and our ability to communicate our relevance were essential in enabling business success.

Communicating this across 10 fragmented and heterogenous Southeast Asia and Korea region meant making ourselves applicable to a radically diverse audience on different economic maturity and priority levels.

The multi-pronged enablement campaign was targeted at employees, customers, partners and the wider tech ecosystem from a myriad of integrated touchpoints – through digital, traditional and social tools – and engagement activities across an intense 6 months.

Dentsu Inc.

NIKKEI BLEND is a coffee with a taste that changes in real time as stock prices fluctuate, and it was created by as a way of arousing people’s interest in the economy. We focused on the Nikkei Stock Average, one of the most important and up-to-date indexes of the Japanese economy. Many consider data on stock prices as something that is irrelevant to them. By incorporating this unrelatable data into the flavor of a daily cup of coffee, we not only enabled people to literally get a taste of the economy but also demonstrated new possible ways of creatively using financial data.

Dentsu Inc. and Dentsu Public Relations Inc.

When considering how best to mark its twentieth anniversary, Japanese NGO Kiko Network noted that while there are many environmental NPOs/NGOs around the world, they are each working on their own (sometimes conflicting) agenda. This realization inspired the launch of Teenage Voice 2019, a campaign that sought to create a centralized platform showcasing the messages of youth activists so as to encourage more proactive collaboration among organizations. The core campaign materials were striking monochrome print ads and OOH posters featuring youth voices, which directed users to an online petition via a barcode. The campaign elicited 30,000 signatures in a week and reached a combined audience of approximately 90 million, with Greenpeace and Conservation International lauding the initiative. This spirit of cooperation coalesced in a Global Climate Strike, which saw 2,800 take to the streets in Japan—almost unprecedented for a country where such protests struggle to gain traction.