Prain Global

As Samsung Electronics introduced a new BESPOKE refrigerator that allows consumers to customize the type, color, and material, a PR campaign called ‘Artistic Touch on BESPOKE Refrigerator’ was executed to deliver its philosophy and features of the BESPOKE refrigerator to millennials, who are the rising consumers in the market. The campaign was carried out at every angle through various executions such as art collaboration with Korean millennial artists, a media conference, influencer events, magazine advertorials, design competition, and exhibition booths. Additionally, it earned a great impression by effectively communicating with millennials through owned, shared, and earned media including magazines, Instagram and YouTube. As a result, the campaign successfully created a buzz with 17,000 content on earned media and 125,500 people visited exhibition booths in different cities in Korea.

Edelman Hong Kong, Sunny Idea (HK) Limited

How do you convince dairy milk lovers to drink plant-based milk? That’s our challenge with Oatly – a new challenger oat milk brand in Hong Kong when dairy consumption has been increasing. People associates milk strongly with cow’s milk and we decided to tackle the root issue and revolutionize milk consumption with the New Word campaign
We created a new Chinese word to represent plant-based milk which later built into an integrated campaign. From traditional executive interview pitching, consumer events, manifesto print and outdoor advertising, social media to KOL and retailers engagement, we are able to shed light on the lack of understanding of the benefits of plant-based milk with an urgent call to action on Government to define the category.
The campaign was a huge success that brings behavioral and cultural changes. Both brand awareness and sales were significantly enhanced with a 44% increase in month-on-month supermarket sales.

Era Ogilvy Public Relations

Believing in “chance” is central to Taiwanese culture and daily life, from the weather forecast to the lottery. However, most people pay less or no attention to this chance – 80% of sexually active people get HPV in their lifetime. Moreover, HPV was considered only causing cervical cancer in women and it is not relevant to men. Partnering with the Formosa Cancer Foundation, MSD wanted to address this hidden risk and increase public awareness. The Agency utilised the culture by developing contents around the belief in chance and the “80%”, meaning both the number of percentage and “most likely” in Mandarin verbally. The campaign reached TA through integrated digital channels and platforms including social media, the campaign website and a collection of O&G clinics’ LINE accounts to drive awareness and direct actions. The results showed significant growth in awareness and vaccination in both men and women TA groups.

Dentsu Aegis Network

Last year, 685 Kiwis took their own life. Three out of four of them were men.

That’s right, New Zealand is a world-leader in one of the worst ways possible. Kiwi men kill themselves at a shocking rate of nearly three times that of female suicide. The increasing suicide rates amongst our men is a national tragedy.

To mark a national tragedy of this scale, it’s common practice to observe a moment of silence within sporting fixtures. But in this case, silence is the last thing we need.

So, on September 7th, before the All Blacks rugby match against Tonga, we got the nation talking by re-framing a moment of silence to A moment AGAINST silence.

Here’s how we did it.

Papaya Agency

Here’s some startling facts: 1) Despite being world renowned as Australia’s fish, over 60% of barramundi is imported 2) nearly 50 percent of Australians don’t know where their barramundi is local or imported. 3) restaurants are not required in most Australian states to indicate where their produce is sourced from.

We knew we needed something big to tackle these issues and support our Aussie farmers.

It’s not often that a consumer PR campaign generates real political support. But such was the power of Barramundi Day which saw politicians, celebrity chefs, media, high end restaurants calling consumers to ‘Ask For Aussie Barra”