Zoom – Connecting Lives

Zoom saw a huge surge in usage due to the pandemic which caused some technical glitches and incidents of incorrect usage. Media began to question if Zoom was safe to use. Simultaneously, Government of India banned 52 foreign applications under suspicion of data theft and Zoom was wrongly associated with these apps.

The campaign focused on continuous sharing of Zoom information, updates and meetings with media to educate them. In order to swing larger public opinion in favour of Zoom, the campaign was expanded beyond major cities, becoming a Pan-India campaign in nine major regional languages, besides English. By leveraging multilingual spokespeople, 100+ media meetings were arranged to communicate the message effectively and precisely.

Starting out with a largely negative narrative, almost all coverage became positive/neutral by Q4 2020. 1,500+ large format stories; 70% coverage in tier 1 media. Zoom organic coverage – 3,421; stories with Zoom mentions – 4576.

Britannia Marie Gold My Startup-2.0: Home-makers Turn Job-Creators

Year 2020, and the brand launched the second edition of ‘Britannia Marie Gold My Startup 2.0’ in early March. On March 25th, India went into strict lockdown and the fate of the homemakers who wanted to become entrepreneurs hung in balance. Britannia enabled 50 finalists from all across the country to present their business plans virtually and trained them to deliver video bytes to present their case, resulting.in an evocative and compelling video. The campaign, Marie Gold My Startup 2.0, showcased the stories of home-makers turning into job-creators, in a year when the job market was tentative at best. The campaign resulted in 450+ stories, and made Britannia Marie Gold one of the highest-selling brands during the lockdown, growing 1.5 times faster than Britannia’s overall growth from May to June 2020.

The Power of One Vivo

Vivo was challenged to think outside the box to consolidate its positioning in South Asia. Each market in South Asia is uniquely different in terms of consumer behavior, media landscape from varying beliefs and background- in the early stage of smartphone penetration yet home to huge potential smartphone adopters.

We started a campaign with 3 clear goals: Elevating the brand profile by increasing the SOV in the media by double digits; Influencing the consumers’ mindset by earning third-party credibility and forming communities (such as KOLs, reviewers), and evangelizing on-ground partners and retailers to assist in achieving sales growth.

Leveraging the 3-pronged strategies of ‘Elevate-Influence-Evangelize’, we secured high-quality coverage across media beats and generated massive impressions through 37+ unique product launches and inclusive retailer engagement programs. To date, we have generated massive media coverage of 1.67+ billion and 200+ million KOL impressions that assisted in driving sales growth.

#Let’s connect Santaro

On account of the government’s issued state of emergency due to the novel coronavirus, Japanese mobile phone company KDDI’s au took measures to keep staff from being infected with a new type of commercial filming. They announced they would do an animated commercial of the Santaro series (popular TV commercial series broadcast by au).

As the nation’s largest telecommunications carrier with the brand purpose of “Explore the extraordinary,” we wanted to encourage viewers by proving that we could create a single work even though we were physically separated.

Idea #Let’s connect Santaro

There were signs of the trend of “coloring” during this self-quarantining period.We would use the colored pictures accumulated from our audience to make a TV commercial.

au’s clients are men and women of all ages. We have developed and made into a reality this communication of “coloring” as media that everyone can enjoy.


We developed TUNA SCOPE, the world’s first AI capable of discerning tuna quality with the eye of a skilled artisan.Using the peculiarities of deep learning,the AI was able to establish its own methodology for making judgments that had been considered ‘tacit knowledge’ based on human intuition and experience, becoming the world’s first AI to successfully acquire a professional skill.

In 2020,TUNA SCOPE has been introduced to Kura-Sushi, the largest sushi chain in Japan.With strict COVID-19 travel restrictions preventing its staff from going abroad to purchase tuna as usual, Kura-Sushi succeeded in AI-driven remote purchasing of high-quality stock by sending the app to plants overseas.Its new ‘AI-Tuna’ product was sold in 461 stores, tripling previous sales figures. Tuna Scope caused a major stir around the world, with coverage by more than 1,500 media outlets in 57 countries, as a digital transformation of quality judgment and a solution for overcoming the pandemic.

Eau de Holiday

Everyone knows the travel industry took a bad hit. At the height of the pandemic, no one could travel or even think about traveling. But here’s the problem: if people didn’t think of Hotels.com then, chances are they won’t when travel resumes. We needed to find a way not just to their heads, but into their homes during the lockdown.

Out came Eau de Holiday – a very pretentious home perfume collection that captured curious travel memories in a specific place at a specific time. Think Jeju abalone porridge in a perfume bottle. We parodied the pretentiousness of designer-style campaigns by using equally pretentious labels on our collection. We also did what any designer brand worth its salt would do, a commercial that was all style but made no sense. Influencers and media filmed unboxing videos and reviews, with Marie Claire stating, “don’t smell this if you’ve got cabin fever”.

HPV Goes Viral!

The insight from previous campaign showed that 18-29 year-old young adults paid less attention to top-down education around HPV and were less likely to take the vaccine. MSD thus partnered with Formosa Cancer Foundation and launched “HPV Goes Viral” campaign to reach out to young audiences, the generation of social media savvy experience seekers and trend followers, expressing the idea that as HPV is always “trending”, so too should the prevention of HPV always be a key trend to follow. Two rap artists popular among young audiences created and performed the anti-HPV track “80% Relevant to You” for this campaign. The humorous signature style of the musicians – who presented themselves as old hands guiding their young fans through the turmoil of sexual relationships – transformed the educational information into a chart success, with music, lyrics, and visual content promoting a better and more enjoyable approach to love and sex.

Beyond Difference, Love is LOVE.

A Taiwan survey revealed people fear, resist or discriminate against multi-gender communities due to ignorance or lack of knowledge. Prejudice remains in Taiwan although same-sex marriage has already approved. LGBTQ people account for a higher proportion of those living with HIV. A study showed the more inclusive and friendlier the society is, the more likely people with HIV to receive proper treatment. Gilead Sciences is committed to change HIV and expects to increase the friendliness, love, and inclusion of society. The campaign Decoding Prejudice – The World without Pixelated View was launched to bring out the concept “Beyond difference, Love Is LOVE”. Celebrities and the public were invited to experience the offensive prejudice phrases in the Rainbow Decoding Truck / Container and react in a warm and encouraging way. More than 2 million people were touched by this campaign; therefore, form a more inclusive and friendlier world together.