How To Enter


  • Click ENTER NOW on the menu bar and register your account.
  • Once created, an automatic verification email will be sent.
  • Once received email and account has been verified, please log in with your own details and password.

  • Once you are in the entry site, you can create and save your draft any time.
  • We highly recommend you to create a draft entry to familiarise yourself and understand the materials needed to upload and mandatory fields which need to be filled in.
  • Once your entry is all uploaded and completed, return to dashboard to proceed to enter by “SUBMIT YOUR ENTRY”.

  • Please check that all information and files are correct before submitting.
  • If you are not ready to submit and proceed to payment, please save it as draft.

  • You can choose to pay after you submitted your entry or if you have several entries, you can proceed to pay all at one time.
  • Return to the dashboard and select the entries which you want to proceed to payment.
  • Select the payment method and once confirmed, you will receive email notification and a Payment Order ID will be available.

  • Click on Entry Templates on the menu bar to download the templates.
  • Select the correct template as per chosen category.
  • Section 1 on entry template is Mandatory. You may edit and remove all other content from the template.
  • Please ensure that your written submission adhere to page limit.

  • For any confidential information within written submission highlight the information in Yellow and tick ‘Confidentiality’ Box.
  • Please do NOT include any confidential information in ‘Executive Summary’ on the online entry form.

  • Automatic Endorsement Email is sent once you click on ‘Submit’.
  • The Endorsement Email will include PDF Submission, Entry Title and Entry ID number.
  • You can log back into the system to check the Status of your endorsement.

    Before you click on ‘Submit’ here is a checklist. Once you click on ‘Submit’ you CANNOT make further changes.

  • Online Entry Form: Check all mandatory credit fields are filled in correctly.
  • Written Submission: Section 1 is Mandatory, and check page count after converting to PDF File (refer to entry kit on page limit)
  • Executive Summary: No confidential information.
  • Compulsory Photo: Less 2 MB (refer to entry kit on requirements).
  • Endorsement: Check Endorsement Email, Name is filled in correctly to ensure Endorser receives this.
  • Supporting Material: Check that all links work and password provided if applicable (refer to entry kit on requirement).
  • For further details on requirements, specification and size limit, please refer to the Entry Kit.

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