Award: PEOPLE \ PT03. PR Communications Team (In-House)

In 2018, the Janssen Asia Pacific C&PA team led the company in resetting its strategy through ‘Our Promise’, a bold new global commitment to ‘create a future where disease is a thing of the past’.

Developed by the C&PA team, Our Promise aligned messages to business priorities to set the direction for company-wide activity in 2018. C&PA teams delivered a record number of high-impact strategies focused on three interrelated themes aligned to messaging from Our Promise:

1. Delivering for Patients: “Healing hopelessness with heart” and “Fighting sickness with science”.
2. Shaping Policy: “Improving access with ingenuity”.
3. Inspiring Our People: “Heeding the call. Bravely. And Boldly. As the Pharmaceutical companies of J&J”.

The Janssen C&PA team leveraged its seat at the Leadership Table to bring this bold messaging to life for its 7,000+ employees, in turn supporting delivery of medicines to 60 million+ people and record-breaking growth for the business.