Award: CAMPAIGN AWARDS \ C03. Best Use of Broadcast/Video

This case is about how a soft drink brand reconciles a nation’s feuds and catapults its brand into unprecedented growth.
2018 was splashed with bad blood for all Vietnamese: from heated political rivalry (e.g. China – Vietnam Territorial Disputes) to media-crazed celebrity feuds (e.g. Huong Tram – Chi Pu feud, similar to Mariah Carey – Nicki Minaj’s); from rampant online aggression between Vietnamese social media users to offline grudges between neighbors over the little things.
Empowered by a powerful cultural insight (i.e. all Vietnamese are ruled by one belief that a new year must be kicked off with laughter for a joyful year ahead), Mirinda – standing for laughter – was able to quench this social issue through the power of story-telling and the effectiveness of tailored content.