Award: CAMPAIGN AWARDS \ C06. Best Use of Social Media

The ice cream industry is in a never-ending race to invent the next great flavor. As a result, it has become a lot more difficult to market traditional flavors—a situation that did not benefit Lotte’s SOH vanilla ice cream. We wondered whether there was a way to rebrand vanilla—so we re-examined the product and discovered something. Due to its unique cube packaging, SOH had the look of a marble block—something a sculptor might fashion into a work of art. So, we invited the public to “play with their food” by creating sculptures out of our SOH ice cream. We wanted to create an entirely new kind of eating experience—one that combined eating food with making art.To encourage the public to get on board with our campaign, we developed special ice cream spoons with sculpting tools on each end, and gave them to our customers for free.