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In Taiwan, nearly four women is diagnosed with Cervical Cancer(CC) everyday. The key point for people to take prevention action(get HPV vaccination) is doctors’ recommendation. However, doctors in Taiwan don’t usually recommend self-pay product because they are afraid of being mis-understood by patients that they might be profit from the self-pay items.

We make doctors realize the importance of their role in preventing HPV and encourage doctors to recommend getting HPV vaccine among females by reminding doctors that their original intention of being a doctor is “saving lives”. Therefore, we came out a slogan-SAY MORE, SAVE MOVE. We tell the doctors that once they speak more, one more patient will be saved from getting CC. Within only 8 months, more than 80,000 people get vaccinated. Since 2016 HPV vaccine went up to market, for the 1st time, the monthly sales of HPV Vaccine hits record high in Oct. 2018.