Award: CAMPAIGN AWARDS \ C10.Business-to-Business

Data literacy is the ability to read, understand, create and communicate data as information. This critical skill is sadly lacking even among the most technically-capable organisations.

As the first company ever, Qlik wanted to improve awareness of the data literacy skills gap among workers and assist organisations in overcoming this issue – a challenge without any existing content or understanding. And therefore, The Data Literacy Movement was born; spanning research, insight, education, engagement and training.

Partnering Qlik’s international PR teams, we started a global movement which now includes customers, third-party leaders, businesses, analyst houses and even our competitors.

We helped individuals and businesses succeed with data. Qlik trained workers and workforces of multiple Fortune 500 companies through a free online academy and tailored data literacy workshops. Given the rising importance of data in any job, obtaining data literacy skills is crucial for anyone, anywhere.