Award: CAMPAIGN AWARDS \ C12. Cause-Related - Public Awareness

VIP Love Workshop is a unique, e-commerce, public good platform, exclusive to pools resources from many walks of life to explore and create high-quality, intangible cultural heritage products that have become popular with consumers. Since its establishment in May 2017, VIP Love Workshop has visited 12 provinces, donated RMB 2,400,000 for 10 women embroiderers associations, which provide professional handcrafting skills and production knowledge for minority nationalities embroiderers, launched more than 10,000 pieces of ICH fashion products, helped more than 5,000 embroiderers to gain over 10 million orders. The initiative culminated on the eve of the 2018 Chinese Cultural Heritage Day, with the VIP Love Workshop summer sales event “Awaken the ancient beauty of Intangible Cultural Heritageā€. It triggered interesting ICH topics on multiple social platforms, resulted in more than 18.1 million impressions and 15.1 million conversations.