Award: CAMPAIGN AWARDS \ C12. Cause-Related - Public Awareness

Hong Kong women know about breast cancer, but they also believe it will never happen to them. Most breast cancer awareness campaigns in the city lead to passive disease awareness, but very few lead to personal insight and action (eg, breast self-exam, lifestyle change). A meaningful educational campaign shouldn’t just let women know about their risk of breast cancer, but actually make them feel the risk.

To accomplish this, we created a campaign for Roche that took something much loved by Hong Kong women – the cupcake – and gave it a twist. We created the Secret Cuupcake, a highly Instagrammable, breast-shaped cupcake, with 1 in 16 cupcakes holding a hidden filling. The chances of getting a Secret Cuupcake mirrored that of a Hong Kong woman’s average lifetime risk of getting breast cancer.