Award: CAMPAIGN AWARDS \ C01. Arts, Entertainment & Media

How does a radio channel compete with increasing competition from not just other radio channels but emerging music app platforms? Realising that with the radio industry (at INR 23 billion – USD 336 million) constituting only 5% of the broadcasting sector in India, RED FM, India’s largest radio channel, decided to extend their reach to non-listeners, specifically millennials. But with millennials constantly changing their preferences, the question was HOW DO WE MAKE RED FM RELEVANT? To ride the same wavelength, RED FM established itself as a radio channel in sync with millennials through its campaign RED FM on Fleek by creating experiences with 3Cs – Concerts (be where they are), Causes (do what they do) and Conversations (speak about the same things). The campaign resulted in increasing RED FM’s revenue by 14%, reached 450 million people and YouTube subscription jumped to 140% with 508 million minutes watched.