Award: CAMPAIGN AWARDS \ C13. Consumer Launch

To launch GoPro’s latest products in China, GoPro’s retained PR agency decided ‘Experience is Everything’ and boldly relinquished control to ‘earned’ media.

Believing that it’s one thing to read about a brand, or to watch a film shot by a video camera, but it’s another to actually shoot and edit the footage, the agency decided to educate the select earned media about GoPro by staging intimate training workshops and letting them try out the product for themselves.

They then decided shun typical PR product launch tactics such as issuing a press release or hosting a press conferences and followed the workshops by arranging experiential sessions for the media to capture and edit their own footage.

They let this UGC video material ‘do the talking’ and demonstrate the product’s capabilities rather than relying on product descriptions and corporate messaging. The results were staggering and beat all expectations.