Award: CAMPAIGN AWARDS \ C13. Consumer Launch

In India, hand hygiene is given the least priority. Even if Indians did wash hands, it’s with water or soap bars – the breeding grounds for bacteria. Bacteria lingers on soap’s surface after one finishes washing. Handwash market is a miniscule INR 740 crore while the bathing soap market is INR 17,500 crore. Indian are very price sensitive and perceive liquid handwash to be expensive and meant for affluent class. Godrej Protekt introduced a small solution to a ‘BIG’ Problem – India’s First-Ever Powder to Liquid Handwash – Protekt Mr. Magic. At a price of INR 15 – An economical solution for Indian households at one-third of the cost of existing liquid handwash refills. This innovation launched with high dependence on PR. In just few months of launch, Protekt Mr. Magic has become the choice of 9.2 million households with 3.7% volume market share in liquid handwash category.