Award: CAMPAIGN AWARDS \ C16. Corporate Social Responsibility

In a suburban area known as Cisaranten Kidul, Bandung City, West Java, social mapping result found 22 cases of toddler malnutrition and 11 cases of infant mortality caused by poverty and lack of understanding towards nutrition. Becoming the biggest health case in Bandung City, the local government then try to abolish the problem by providing instant packaged food and formulated milk powder for the families with malnourished toddlers. But later, these families sold those packaged foods to buy themselves some food staples and cigarettes. The company believes that interventions related to understanding of child feeding practices and education towards nutrition are vital to addressing this health case. Collaborating with community actors and the government, in 2018 the company developed a CSR program called OMABA (Ojek Makanan Balita) – motorbike taxi delivering baby food, aimed to combat stunting and malnutrition using a Community Based Development approach.