Award: CAMPAIGN AWARDS \ C16. Corporate Social Responsibility

In many industrialized nations, poor dietary habits in children are a growing problem. Japan is no exception, and many kids resist the balanced meals served by their parents in favor of snacks and processed foods. Holistic healthcare firm Otsuka Pharmaceutical brought Google and Rakuten Recipe on board for a unique initiative leveraging children’s love of drawing to foster healthy engagement with nutrition. SketchCook is a mobile app that magically transforms kids’ food pictures into recipes they can enjoy making with their families. A machine learning system trained with 12,000 sketches from homes and schools utilizes an image translator to convert doodles into lifelike, appetizing images, which are matched to a database of 3 million recipes to find the closest, healthiest match. Kids loved this playful application of technology, and SketchCook received widespread media coverage, sparking a broader conversation around child nutrition, and securing uptake by several schools in major cities.