Award: CAMPAIGN AWARDS \ C17. Environmental

With plastic waste being a global challenge, there has been an increasing demand to go plastic-free in HK. Yet, due to the inconvenient and insufficient recycling facilities, people have polarised attitudes towards bottle recycling. Thus, it becomes even more important to reduce plastic waste by cutting usage. However, while government has been promoting (B.Y.O.B.) culture, infrastructure for hydration supply is still inadequate to foster the culture as it is difficult to refill quality water in the city.

Under its “World Without Waste” vision, Coca-Cola has made an aggressive commitment in December 2018 for promoting waste reduction with their plan to launch 300Bonaqua Water Station around Hong Kong within 2019 to lower the usage of single-use beverages packaging. Bonaqua gave the campaign an impactful and authentic launch with Tai Mo Shan Kiosk’s icon “Aunt Lin” to promote waste reduction and present Hong Kong people with a warmer winter without waste.