Award: CAMPAIGN AWARDS \ C17. Environmental

Almost half of Hongkongers worry about their impact on the environment, but they’re not actually taking action to change their habits. In late 2018, Starbucks Hong Kong launched its Grounds for Joy campaign to inspire consumers to change their behaviour, and raise awareness of the company’s actions to maximise its positive environmental impact.
Focusing on its best-known ingredient – coffee – Starbucks created a Christmas-themed campaign to promote coffee grounds upcycling, to prove that everyone can become greener with just a few simple steps. Our campaign generated 158 pieces of 100% positive and on-message coverage; attracted highly positive social conversation and overwhelming public demand to attend creative coffee grounds recycling workshops; raised funds for NGO Rooftop Foundation via coffee grounds in-store merchandise sales; drove 5,000 customer giveaways of coffee grounds packs; and helped drive strong sales through the festive period.