Award: CAMPAIGN AWARDS \ C21. Influencer Marketing

On mother’s day, Bio-Oil, the World’s leading anti-stretch marks brand set-out to communicate the importance of support during pregnancy. It did this by urging pregnant women to share stories of people who stretched themselves, to provide an unstretched journey for the expectant mother. Celebrity mothers kick-started the campaign, sharing their own stories of people who made their 9-months an #UnstretchedJourney. These stories triggered many other moms, including popular mommy influencers to open-up with their own #UnstretchedJourney experiences. The heart-warming stories inspired Bio-Oil to capture these in a coffee table book which was launched through a media event. The overall UnstretchedJourney campaign garnered significant visibility, reaching more than 300+ million people. Apart from the quantitative success number that we garnered through the cumulative reach of these celebrities, we also managed to normalize pregnancy in the minds the consumers.