Award: CAMPAIGN AWARDS \ C21. Influencer Marketing

Of all the festivals celebrated in the Indian heartland, Diwali is undeniably the grandest. Honoring the triumph of good over evil, all communities come together to celebrate Diwali with aplomb and panache. But amidst the celebrations, what we often miss out on is the plight of our pets. MTV aligned its brand promise with its intent and curated an innovative campaign undone before by any television channel in the country – Presenting MTV Woofer. MTV Woofer, a unique content-led show dedicated for dogs and dog lovers did just that. India’s leading youth entertainment channel created awareness about noise trauma for dogs during the biggest festival, Diwali, by dedicating its on-air programming slot to a talented bunch of dog-loving musicians who tested notes that could heal dogs and created soothing music exclusively for dogs. We harnessed the power of music to provide a solution beyond creating awareness.