Award: CAMPAIGN AWARDS \ C24. Media Relations

When the media need a quick quote or talking head for their story on the latest cybersecurity attack, who do they call? Carbon Black. But it wasn’t always this way.

In 2015, Carbon Black opened its first Asian office in Singapore. All its competitors had stronger brands, bigger teams and bigger budgets. The goal? To make Carbon Black the media’s go-to cybersecurity expert for the media by providing a Security Guru on Demand.

Ying Communications worked with Carbon Black to tap its global cybersecurity experts to provide editor ready content, predictive insights and rapid response to cybersecurity incidents. Today, tier 1 media like Straits Times, Business Times and Bloomberg call Carbon Black whenever there’s an incident. 2018 saw more than 150 pieces of coverage (47 in tier 1) and 14 interviews including six broadcast. It was a stellar year with Carbon Black punching above its weight in the cybersecurity market.