Award: CAMPAIGN AWARDS \ C26. PR Event

In Japan, there is odd custom called “Shukatsu” in job hunting for Japanese women. Everyone goes to job hunting wearing the same black suits and sacrifices their individuality. Many women feel frustrated with no individualities at the start line of their working lives. And it leads to Japanese women’s low participation in society.
A skincare brand “recipist” from “SHISEIDO”, which advocates brightening women as its brand mission, started the project “Change the black Start line”. We held the ceremony that exchanged the black job-hunting items to “recipist”. Through this project, we challenged to raise the issue of the black start line and brighten Japanese young women lives.
As a result, this project became a hot topic. Brand preference rises to 98%. Finally, this project changed SHISEIDO CSR activities. The company conducted activities aimed at bringing out young women’s individuality. This project has changed Japanese job-hunting scene.