Award: CAMPAIGN AWARDS \ C28. Public Affairs

Lung cancer has become a new national disease in Taiwan and is the leading cause of death among cancers for more than a decade. Although, Taiwan’s National Health Insurance’s expenditure on lung cancer was more than USD 426 million in 2018, 35% of patients without certain gene type are limited to chemotherapy treatments which have an overall survival of less than 2 years. Therefore, we converted the powerful scientific evidence into a life-saving consensus-Vision 30 for Lung Cancer and use a well-known, simple “OK” gesture to show the appeal. With the engagement of 6 lung cancer related medical associations and patient groups, we earned positive support and created more than 550 pieces of media reports and strong PR value. From 1st April 2019, the immunotherapy for 1st line lung cancer treatment is successfully approved for reimbursement. It’s unprecedented in Taiwan’s national health insurance history!