Award: CAMPAIGN AWARDS \ C28. Public Affairs

In light of the country’s shrinking and rapidly aging population, the Japanese government has made multiple efforts to encourage more women to enter the workforce through various initiatives, including “Creating a Society in which All Women Shine”, namely PM Shinzo Abe’s Womenomics.

However, while the political push for women’s empowerment is strong, limited focus was being given to women’s health in the relevant policies. Businesses were also unprepared to respond to the additional health needs of their increasing female workforce, while women themselves were not sufficiently aware of their own health needs.

To tackle this issue, Bayer Yakuhin Ltd. and MSD K.K. partnered with our agency to launch a 360-public affairs campaign, involving multi-stakeholder engagement, research and content creation, and activation of an advisory board of leaders in the wider field of women’s health.