Award: CAMPAIGN AWARDS \ C30. Public Sector

Education New Zealand (ENZ) realised not enough Indian students are enrolling for their master’s education programmes. Research revealed that one of the key factors for students and parents in choosing a university for a master’s course-“good quality studies” that will help the student secure a job. To build credibility of the NZ education, ENZ decided to be a part of the 2017 Worldwide Educating for the Future Index, an annual global education index (By The Economist Intelligence Unit), which evaluates the education system of 35 countries. The index ranked NZ #1 in preparing students for the future, which addressed the students’ and parents’ concern. ENZ identified this as an opportunity to position the country as a premium education destination that prepares Indian students for and expertise-oriented education that leads to a secure future. They launched an integrated campaign, ‘Future-Proof Yourself’ that used various touch-points PR, social media, influencers and events.