Award: CAMPAIGN AWARDS \ C33. Technology

YOHO Brewing, Japan’s largest craft beer company, believes that drinking is about relaxed enjoyment free of stress. Yet in Japan where drinking sessions among company colleagues are important bonding rituals between seniors and juniors, they can be anything but – especially when senior co-workers who are bossy in the office behave the same way outside when alcohol is served. YOHO tackled this issue by cleverly adapting technology and installing it into a device which actualizes the Japanese idiom “Blow a Bossy-Wind”.
The ‘Bossy-Talk Detector’ YOHO created is a tree of small oscillating fans which are activated when a microphone recognizes a bossy-talk phrase or emotion.

YOHO released a concept video on social media on International Beer Day and placed a Bossy-Talk Detector in a beer bar. Major Japanese media reported this unique initiative, several private and government organizations inquired about hiring detectors for year-end parties, and YOHO’s brand recognition soared.