Award: CONSULTANCY AWARDS \ CN04. South Asia PR Consultancy of the Year

Organisations are seeking multiple perspectives and holistic solutions in the era of blurred communications. In keeping in sync with this transformationing landscape, our goal for 2018 was to maintain our position as India’s leading integrated communications firm.

We wanted to strenghen relationships with existing clients, win marquee businesses; sustain double-digit growth in revenue, and improve margins/productivity from integrated mandates. Our strategy was to drive integration and diversity across Colleagues-Clients-Campaigns, by creating solutions that build influence and deliver impact on clients’ business/reputation challenges.

As a leading firm by revenue in India, we recorded double-digit growth for the fourth consecutive year. Our 2018 revenue has grown above industry average, at 16%, compared with the previous year. Margins have grown at 600 basis points annually. Revenue from integrated mandates recorded average growth of 36% over the last three years. 2018 saw 90+ new clients and 30+ global awards.