Award: REGIONAL PR AWARDS \ CA06. Asia-Pacific PR Campaign of the Year

When our company started 6 years ago, we had a single-minded goal of using technology to make transportation safer and more efficient for Southeast Asia. As the region’s leading ride-hailing app, the company’s reputation was pegged against its global competitor as the “Uber of Southeast Asia”. Following a landmark acquisition of Uber in Southeast Asia (March 2018), the company embarked on a full corporate transformation that took it beyond ride-hailing. Within the short span of one business quarter, we started two new businesses: food delivery, and payments and financial services. In just three quarters after the acquisition of Uber in Southeast Asia, the three-pronged programme to introduce ‘the Everyday Super App’ to Southeast Asian consumers generated 1507 pieces of coverage. More importantly, the company successfully transformed its reputation, from the region’s ride-hailing platform, to a world-class ‘super app’, both among consumers and the global business audience.